Every voice counts…

Everyone should make his or her own opinion, always and everywhere. But sometimes one needs the help and support of others. So what could be better than using opinions and experiences of existing customers as decision support.

With immediate effect we offer the new category customer feedback on our website for undecided customers:

Short extract:Customer feedback

Feel free to leave a comment about your experiences with us or send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to your personal story.


Must-have of this summer…

While out for lunch celebrating 'SysAdminDay' I made an interesting discovery.

Predominately white lower legs was made colorfull with the inclusion of our colleague from India in the middle.

Convince yourself!!!

On asking why they avoid sun, the answer I got was, its more fun hanging around in our data center, and we do that most of the time.


--------------------- The same text in german / Der gleiche Text auf deutsch -------------------

Auf dem Weg zu unserem gemeinschaftlichen Mittagessen zum heutigen Gedenkfeiertag „SysAdminDay“ habe ich folgende interessante Entdeckung gemacht.

Unsere Supporter (vorrangig unsere technischen Supporter) haben ziemlich weiße „Wadln“ (in deutsch: Unterschenkel).

Das Ausmaß der noblen Blässe wurde vor allem erst sichtbar, als unser Kollege aus Indien seine dunkle Wadlpracht in der Mitte der anderen Supporter zur Schau stellte.

Auf meine Frage, warum sie denn so sehr die Sonne scheuen, kam folgende Antwort zurück: „Wir hängen doch die meiste Zeit im Rechenzentrum ab.“

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Show your appreciation!

Today is „System Administrator Appreciation Day“ – for already the 13th time we celebrate the annual System Administrator Appreciation Day.

But what does it mean?
On this special international day, give your system administrators something that shows that you truly appreciate their hard work and dedication.
All IT users are invited to express their thanks to his or her system administrator, no matter how.
Bring him/her a coffee, flowers or something to pimp his computer – or just say “thank you”:-).

At this point I want to say thank you of course to our admins who keep our systems as reliable and available as those running within the data center!
You are great! And that’s the reason why all employees of Giga-International are going out for lunch together – of course on company expenses.


--------------------- The same text in german / Der gleiche Text auf deutsch -------------------

Heute, am 27.7. 2012, wird bereits zum dreizehnten Mal der “System Administrator Appreciation Day“ gefeiert.

Aber worum handelt es sich dabei genau?
An diesem internationalen Gedenktag geht es darum, deinem System Administrator deines Vertrauens Anerkennung in Bezug auf seine tägliche harte Arbeit und Engagement zu zeigen.
Alle IT-User sind heute dazu eingeladen, ihrem Dank gegenüber dem System Administrator Ausdruck zu verleihen, egal auf welche Art und Weise. Bring ihm/ihr einen Kaffee, Blumen oder etwas, womit er seinen Computer aufpimpen kann; oder sag einfach nur Dankeschön. Eurer Kreativität sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.

An dieser Stelle möchte ich auch unseren System-Administratoren Danke sagen: Herzlichen Dank – ihr seid großartig! Und als Dankeschön, um euch gebührend zu feiern, gehen wir heute alle gemeinsam zum Italiener Mittagessen – natürlich auf Firmenkosten :-).


From the everyday life of a Giga-International supporter….

telephone with Question markIt really needs to be said here - we have real full-blooded supporter in our team who strive with heart and soul for the welfare of our customers. And that's not always easy - as you can imagine.
It really takes some good nerves to calm down a choleric customer on the other side of the phone, or to explain a Linux beginner the complex world of Linux in order to serve its Linux-based operating system.

But the job also has many funny sides, and one of them I would like to tell you briefly:
Some time ago there was a special request in our ticket system:

Hello Giga-International team,
I have got an idea: What would you say if I am getting a tattoo that shows the logo or URL of Giga-International, for example on my arm, neck or temple. If you are interested in my plan what would it be worth to you. The tattoo, your logo or your URL, would be decorating my body for the rest of my life. It would be a very lucrative advertising space, since I travel a lot and this would attract much attention, and certainly this will bring you many new customers.

I am looking forward to your answer.
Kind regards
(name is not mentioned here)

After a brief consideration our supporter wrote back as follows:

Dear Mr 
Thank you kindly for your quite interesting offer to act as a living billboard for Giga-International. Besides the aspect of a contractually permitted assault and its possibly juristic consequences, our marketing team would surely have a hard time in deciding which part of your body would qualify best of bearing the tattoo. We safe ourselves from discussions of this type and hope for your understanding if we pass your friendly offer.

If you have any further questions or we can be of help elsewhere, please let us know.
Best Regards
Your Giga-International Team

The supreme principle of a supporter: Always remain calm, competent and friendly no matter how absurd, outrageous, dubious, funny, incredibly the customer’s request is. Everyone who is able to follow this rule has all that it takes to become good supporter.

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Discount: Parallels Plesk cheaper!

As of today, Giga-International reduces the price for the PARALLELS-Plesk administration panel. New prices apply for Linux- and Windows software likewise:

Plesk for Dedicated Servers:

  • Plesk 10 Domains: 9,99 EUR / month
  • Plesk 100 Domains: 19,99 EUR / month
  • Plesk Unlimited Domains: 29,99 EUR / Monat

Plesk for VServers:

  • Plesk Unlimited Domains: 9,99 EUR / month

In particular you will enjoy these new conditions by renting a virtual server. So far we charged for the 'unlimited' domains license the same amount as we did for dedicated servers, 39.99 EUR so to speak. The new price is only 25% of that amount.


------------------- Der gleiche Text auf deutsch / the same text in german: -------------------

Ab heute senkt Giga-Hosting.biz den Preis für das Administrations-Panel Parallels Plesk. Die neuen Preise gelten sowohl für die Linux- als auch für die Windows-Variante der Software:

Plesk für Dedicated Server:

  • Plesk 10 Domains: 9,99 EUR / Monat
  • Plesk 100 Domains: 19,99 EUR / Monat
  • Plesk Unlimited Domains: 29,99 EUR / Monat

Plesk für VServer:

  • Plesk Unlimited Domains: 9,99 EUR / Monat

Insbesondere bei Bestellung eines VServers profitieren Sie von den neuen Konditionen: Hier kostete die Lizenz für unlimitiert viele Domains bislang das gleiche wie für Dedicated Server, also 39,99 EUR / Monat. Der neue Preis beträgt nur noch 1/4 davon!


We love bad weather!

Best conditions for staying at home, hiding yourself behind the computer, doing some programming stuff and not having a bad conscience staying at home when the weather is good and the sun is shining.
Just making the best of it...

Wir lassen uns unsere Laune vom schlechten Wetter nicht vermiesen! Denn so kann man ohne schlechtem Gewissen zu Hause bleiben, sich hinter dem Computer verschanzen und sich den ganzen Tag unserer Lieblingsbeschäftigung, dem Programmieren, widmen.

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Just one of many reasons to work for us….

... "nerve food" for our colleagues!

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The mainboards arrived…

Today 80 mainboards finally arrived at the Giga-International office. The mainboards are intended for our High-End server, the Dedicated Server X.
Our technician was very pleased about the delivery 🙂

mainboard für Dedicated Server X

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A Second that could make a difference and bring your server down!!! – The buggy lil ‘leap second bug’

The weekend was pretty disastrous for websites around the Internet. First, storms in United States knocked out power in Amazon's data centres, and with it, around 1% of American websites. This included popular websites like Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix. Then, just as websites were hobbling back to life, the "leap second" bug struck.

Timekeepers had announced plans to add an extra second to June 30, to compensate for Earth's movement around the Sun. This "leap second" is added to the International Atomic Time (TAI) to ensure that Earth's clocks stay in-sync with "solar-time". So far so good, where do the websites come in?

Many computers use Network Time Protocol (NTP) to keep their clocks synchronised with the International Atomic Time. When the atomic time keepers added a second at 23:59:59 on Saturday, just like they said they would, all hell broke lose. Servers, especially those running on some versions of Java and Linux, choked on the "leap second", bringing down with them some of the most popular websites in the world.

According to BuzzFeed, Reddit, Gawker media sites, StumbleUpon, Yelp, FourSquare, LinkedIn, and Meetup were among the websites affected by the "leap second bug". All websites mentioned have since patched their servers and are back running normally.

It is a little surprising to note there are still pieces of code struggling with the "leap second" phenomenon, since this is nothing new. Saturday was the 25th instance of a "leap second" being added to a day, with the last one on 31st December 2008. Companies like Google and Opera have in the past explained their strategies to workaround any potential "leap second bugs", so there's no excuse for major software vendors to be caught unawares.

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