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Oktoberfest Special: No Setup fee when ordering a V-Server L or XLOrder now: http://www.giga-international.com/?show=vserver

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About finding the right hosting solution for your needs!

Before ordering a webspace package, V-Server or Dedicated Server an extensive research is necessary for finding the right package for your needs.

There are many ways in how you can get yourself informed:

  1. Comparison sites, which include hosting companies of their choice in their provider directory and describe and compare them with their competition
  2. Thematically relevant webportals such as Web Hosting Talk
  3. Recommendations from experts or friends
  4. Through word of mouth

Where do you collect the information? How do you make decisions?
Please vote in the following poll and feel free to complete the survey with your desired response in the comment field.

We thank you very much for participating in that survey.

Where do you collect the information?

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Bevor man sich ein neues Webspace Paket, einen V-Server oder einen Rootserver zulegt, sollte zunächst gründlichst recherchiert werden, damit man auch genau das für seine Ansprüche richtige Paket bestellt.

Es gibt zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, wie man sich informieren kann:

  1. Vergleichsseiten, die Hostingfirmen ihrer Wahl in ihr Anbieterverzeichnis aufnehmen, beschreiben und mit ihrem Wettbewerb vergleichen (z.B. http://www.serververgleich.com/, http://www.webhosting-vergleich.biz/, http://www.vserver-preisvergleich.de/ uvm.)
  2. Themenrelevante Portale wie z.B. Webhostlist oder Web Hosting Talk
  3. Fachzeitschriften
  4. Empfehlungen von Experten oder Freunden
  5. Mundpropaganda

Wo informiert ihr euch? Wie trefft ihr eure Entscheidungen?
Stimmt doch bitte kurz in der o.a. Umfrage ab; und wenn eure passende Antwort nicht dabei ist, dann ergänzt doch im Kommentarfeld einfach die Umfrage mit eurer gewünschten Antwort

Vielen Dank für eure Teilnahme!


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Oktoberfest special!

The countdown is running. There are only 11 days left until worlds biggest fair, the Munich Oktoberfest, opens its gates again. As a genuine Munich hosting company, we are of course looking forward to celebrating this annual event and its extraordinary atmosphere, delicious beer and all the other delicacies and attractions this fair offers.

As a matter of course, there is an attraction at Giga-International.com as well:
Take advantage of our special Oktoberfest offer: 0 € setup fee for our three dedicated server top models until the end of the Oktoberfest, even with a contract period of only one month.

No matter if you choose 1, 3, 6 or 12 months – you can save up to 99,99 EUR:

The calculation is simple:
free setupDuring the Oktoberfest money is really better invested in a few litres of beer than in setup-fees, as we believe :-).

Enjoy this feastful time with us and obtain your own dedicated rootserver right now:


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And who says you can’t have fun while working?

With the ever increasing demand for new servers, and inclusion of new core switch, our whole technical team got involved in crimping and laying new cables to accomodate them.

Sometimes a good music rather than working behind a computer, is a nice change.
Crimping cables in the data center

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