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Attention To all English-speaking blog readers, customers of Giga-International and interested persons. With immediate effect we set up a new blog just in English language.

From now on please check our new official blog of Giga-International.com and inform yourself  about news, promotions, special offers and company internals.

Follow this link to our new blog: http://blog.giga-international.com/

If you are still intersted in our German blog click here: http://blog.giga-hosting.biz/

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GIGA V-Servers are called VPS from now on!

Effective of today we change the official name for our virtual servers. Our offered hosting solution V-Server is called VPS from now on. VPS is the shortcut for Virtual Private Server.

After long consideration we have decided on a name change, because our experiences have shown that our customers prefer the more common name VPS, also in their correspondence with us.

Customers of Giga-Interational.com, please note:
You, as our customer, are not affected by this modification, nothing besides the name changes for you.
Please note that the invoices you are receiving from us bear the new product name from now on.


Google data centers!

For the first time Google gives us an insight in its data centers. It is even possible to run through via Google street view.

Explore the important parts of the hight-tech data center like the networking room, the server floor, the tape library and the cooling tower.


“I’m thinking about continuing & renewing my server. EVERYTHING JUST, BECAUSE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS GREAT”

On some day during the last week a very good customer who has been renting a Dedicated Server in our datacenter wrote us that he did not necessarily need the server at this time anymore, because the gameserver project he wanted to develop failed. No more need for a dedicated server you might think at this point. But did this great customer cancel the server with Giga-International.com due to vacany? Never ever! Have a look on the email conversation between the customer and our support department by yourself:

"How important I am for you guys?

Just asking, because I'm bored. My gameserver hasn't been finished yet since there's no
players and server is useless for me at this time, but I would like to continue with my
server if there's something to do with it. Actually yes. There is, but I've to develop
everything from starting point.
Tell me. Do I continue? :3

Giga-International support department:
Dear Mr <customer's name>,
Thank you very much for your inquiry.
Please take note that unfortunately we are not really sure what exactly you want us to do.
Therefore we would kindly ask you to paraphrase your message and send it to us once again.
As soon as we receive your e-mail we will immediately respond back to you.
We are looking forward to receiving your soonest reply.
If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,
Kundenservice / Customer support

I'm thinking about continuing & renewing my payment. EVERYTHING JUST, BECAUSE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS GREAT...
I do not necessarily need server at this time, because I don't have any gameservers that I
can run there, but I'll renew my payment and I can try think some gameservers. I can not
ever hope to be succeed with my gameservers. I'm losing my hope, because no one plays
there ever, but I think I'll buy at least a one month more of the server I already have.
If I don't try... I cannot be succeed.
Any great ideas what to do with dedicated? 🙂
Thanks! I'm always happy about this support. It's reliable, fast and really nice people

That's what we call a great loyalty - we really appreciate having so kind and content customers! 🙂

I'd like to thank our nice customer that he gave me his permission to mention this incident in our blog.


Windows Server 2012 available now!

Just right after the official completion of MICROSOFT's new operating system for server applications - entitled Windows Server 2012 - our technicians have started with working on its evaluation. We have performed numerous functionality tests for our customers and in particular the integration of this new system into our "ASI" (Automatic System Installer) System. We take pride in reporting today:

Windows Server 2012 is now available as an 'upgrade' for all our rootservers and virtual servers alike.

New customers can order Windows Server 2012 directly during the ordering process on our homepage while existing clients simply need to send an email.

Microsoft took the opportunity, given by the launch of this new operating system, to substantially simplify their licensing model and versions offered. Different from it's predecessors Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 it is only available in two versions: The 'standard' and the 'datacenter' edition.

Our customers who rent dedicated servers can now chose between the new version and its fomer predecessors of the 2008 version, and all that in addition to a wide selection of Linux operating systems. Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition is available at only 19.99 EUR per month, the Datacenter Edition costs 99.99 EUR, but is worth every penny as it provides countless advantages.
And what applies to our Windows Server 2008 operating systems is true for Windows Server 2012 as well: Our customers can test the system free of charge for two months during which no additional costs will accumulate.

Clients who rent our virtual machines will be provided with the bigger Datacenter Edition which will be installed upon request at a rate of 6.99 EUR per month. And likewise our virtual servers can be operated with a wide selection of various Linux distributions.

Finally we have taken the opportunity of the launch of Windows Server 2012 to make a concession to all Windows Server 2008 fans out there. The new price for Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition has been reduced from 29.99 EUR to 19.99 EUR per month, when freshly ordered.


-------------------- The same text in german / der gleiche Text auf deutsch: --------------------


Nachdem Microsoft sein neuestes Betriebssystem für Serverumgebungen, Windows Server 2012, im vergangenen Monat offiziell fertig gestellt hat, haben sich unsere Techniker umgehend an die Arbeit gemacht. Wir haben für unsere Kunden zahlreiche Funktionstests und insbesondere auch die Integration des neuen Systems in unser "ASI" (Automatic System Installer) System durchgeführt, so dass wir heute mit Erfolg melden können:

Windows Server 2012 ist ab sofort für all unsere Rootserver und V-Server als Upgrade erhältlich!

Es kann von Neukunden direkt während des Bestellvorganges auf unserer Homepage, von Bestandskunden jederzeit via Email als Upgrade hinzu bestellt werden.

Microsoft hat die Einführung von Windows Server 2012 genutzt, um das Versions- und Lizenzmodell radikal zu vereinfachen. Im Gegensatz zu seinen Vorgängern, Windows Server 2003 und 2008, ist Windows Server 2012 nur noch in zwei Versionen erhältlich, nämlich in der Standard Edition und in der Datacenter Edition.

Kunden unserer dedizierten Server können - neben der üblichen, breiten Auswahl an Linux-Systemen - frei zwischen den beiden neuen Versionen sowie den Vorgänger-Versionen der 2008er Reihe wählen. Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition kostet lediglich 19,99 € pro Monat, die Datacenter Edition schlägt mit 99,99 € etwas teurer zu Buche, bringt allerdings auch zahlreiche Vorteile mit sich.
Genau wie für Windows Server 2008 gilt auch für das neue Windows Server 2012: Unsere Kunden können das System in den ersten beiden Monaten kostenfrei testen, während der ersten beiden Monate fallen keine Zusatzkosten an!

Unseren V-Server-Kunden stellen wir von Haus aus die größere Datacenter Edition zur Verfügung, die auf Wunsch für nur 6,99 € / Monat installiert wird. Auch für unsere V-Server steht daneben weiterhin die übliche, breite Auswahl an Linux-Systemen zur Verfügung.

Schließlich haben wir die Neueinführung von Windows Server 2012 noch genutzt, um auch den Liebhabern von Windows Server 2008 etwas Gutes zu tun: Der Preis für die Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition beträgt für neue Bestellungen ab sofort nur noch 19,99 € / Monat statt bisher 29,99 € / Monat.


Attention please!

Our successful setup promotion is now entering its second phase - this time we waive the setup fees for our Dedicated Server Quad and Dedicated Server 6-Core.

In short the most important featuresof the two server models:

Dedicated Server QuadDedicated Server Quad:
- Intel Core 2 Quad 4 x 2.4 GHz
- 2 x 400 GB HDD
- 100 Mbps switch port
- Unmetered Traffic, can expect 35TB inbound and 10TB outbound
Only 89.99 Euro / month

Dedicated Server 6-CoreDedicated Server 6-Core:
- Intel Core i7 980 6 x 3.20 GHz
- 24 GB DDR3-RAM
- 80 GB Intel Postville SSD
- 2000 GB S-ATA HDD
- 100 Mbps switch port
- Unmetered Traffic, can expect 35TB inbound and 10TB outbound
Only 119.99 Euro / month!

Don't miss this special offer and order now: http://www.giga-international.com/?show=server


A traditional Get Together at the Oktoberfest!

Like every year, Giga-Hosting spent an evening at the famous Oktoberfest.
It is a fact that reserving tables for a whole company is very difficult on the all known Oktoberfest – but as a Munich hosting provider it goes without saying that we could manage to reserve a few tables for our team.

And so we came together in the afternoon in front of the largest Oktoberfest tent called the Hofbräu Festzelt in order to spend a pleasant evening with typical Bavarian food like Brotzeitbrettl (a hearty snack), Obazda (typical Bavarian cheese), Hendl (roasted chicken), Kaiserschmarrn (sugared pancakes) and so on. There is no need to say that we all had one or two “Maß Bier” (glasses of beer) – but details about how many we all had at the end remain our little secret :-).

For many of us it has been the first time in the quite touristic and very internationally oriented tent – but this is not a surprise because the tents’ patron is the world-famous "Hofbräuhaus", that is highly frequented by tourists from all over the world. But nevertheless you will find locals as well among the visitors (by the way the tent had room for nearly 10.000 visitors).
A good mix, as we found, and also very reasonable on the one hand, because of our team coming from all over the world and on the other hand, because of our international located customers.
All in all, the atmosphere was great and we were really happy to be there and to celebrate together as a team.
Special praise goes to Lisa, Franzi and Uschi, our three excellent waitresses, who took care of us by providing food and beverages for us- despite the massive tumult in the tent. Once again, many thanks for this great service.

Short after 11pm, when the tent has closed, our round departed – good for those who have to work the next day. Thus, we had enough time to recover from the pleasant exertions last night in order to leave a competent impression on our customers the next day.
After all, customer satisfaction in all aspects is our highest priority, and moreover, as the saying goes: Those you can celebrate can work the next day as well.
(Btw: Thanks to a colleague our data centre and thus, your server, has been in good hands because he was holding the fort while we were dancing on the tables.

Thank you for the nice evening – we are already looking forward to the next Oktoberfest in 2013.

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