Contabo Summer Promotion!

With the beginning of their summer holidays, not only the students in Bavaria today have reasons to celebrate, but also our customers have a reason for celebration.
Since today you get 1 month for free when ordering a Contabo Dedicated Server Core i7 and you don't have to pay any setup fees. Moreover, our customers receive a high-quality hardware RAID controller from 3Ware free of charge.

Order now a Dedicated Server Core i7 because the offer is only valid for a short time.

Contabo server 1 month for free


Exclusive Insight: Contabo data center in Nuremberg!

In addition to various other (large) projects, whose positive results will soon be visible on our website, the commissioning and further maintenance of our second data center in Nuremberg was of course one of our major tasks in 2014. Our second data center location does not only provide the necessary space for further development, but also offers our customers many new opportunities for their server operation, for example corncerning colocation services:  by means of targeted site selection (Munich/ Nuremberg), our customers can now decide for themselves where their own servers and technical equipment are located in future.

This innovation and many other improvements will be found shortly on Contabo.com.

But before publishing all further news regarding the new data center in Nuremberg on our website, we would like to give you some impressions exclusive here on our company blog:

Exterior view of our data center in NurembergExterior view of our data center in Nuremberg

Server racks + working area in one of the data center roomsServer racks + working area in one of the data center rooms

Floor for server racksFloor for server racks

Further room for server hostingFurther room for server hosting

One of several, redundant core switchesOne of several, redundant core switches

A fully separated cold aisle for server racksA fully separated cold aisle for server racks

Room with USV systemRoom with USV system

USV system: doubled battery packUSV system: doubled battery pack

Room with LVMDRoom with LVMD

Air conditioning cabinetsAir conditioning cabinets

3 x reciprocator chiller (cooling capacity of 600 kW each) 3 x reciprocator chiller (cooling capacity of 600 kW each)

Emergency diesel power (1800 kW) with an extra tank (50.000l)Emergency diesel power (1800 kW) with an extra tank (50.000l)

Stay tuned for further information and look forward for attractive offers soon on our website.


Contabo waived the setup fee on all VPS plans!

VPS without setup fee



Server Setup Promotion


CentOS 7.0 now available at Contabo!

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/CentOS

Shortly after the release of CentOS 7.0 we would like to offer you as well the brand new version of the Linux distribution CentOS. As of now, the new version can already be ordered on our website.

However, the previous version, CentOS 6.5, will remain available at Contabo.

The current version supports upgrades such as SW-RAID and Webmin. According to the manufacturer, configuration tools like Plesk, cPanel and LAMP should be available within the next few weeks.

The major changes and innovations of CentOS 7.0:

• Kernel updated to 3.10.0
• Support for Linux Containers
• OpenJDK-7 as default JDK
• LVM-snapshots with ext4 and XFS
• Switch to systemd, firewalld and GRUB2
• XFS as default file system



Server Setup Promotion

World Cup starsOn the occasion of the successful soccer World Cup, we already waived the setup fee on our high-end server model, our Dedicated Server Dual Xeon. Now, we decided to expand this special offer with another server model, our Dedicated Server Core i7, taking into account all special needs of our clients.

Please find the most important features of our two reliable dedicated servers in the following:

Dedicated Server Core i7
Intel Core i7 920 4 x 2.66 GHz
2 x 1000 GB HDD
100 Mbps switch port
Real Unlimited Traffic: no restrictions on traffic
Only 69.99 EUR / month!

Dedicated Server Dual Xeon
2 x Intel Xeon E5 2620V2 processors, each of them with six cores at 2.1 GHz, so 12 x 2.1 Ghz in total
Any combination of SSDs/HDDs available
1 Gbit/s high-speed internet uplink
Unlimited Traffic
Only 119.99 EUR / month!

Don't miss our new dedicated server promotion and order now!