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Dedicated Server Speedtest Result

We say thank you to one of our customers who provided the impressive result of the following speedtest on our facebook wall.

I would like to quote him: "Damm... That 39.99 euro was deffo worth it!"

Of course, we do not want to keep back this result from you on this blog because it's more than worth an extra blog entry.

Contabo Speedtest





Source: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2661888272.png

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High demand for our VPS and Dedicated Servers!

Short after our company name change we reduced the prices of our dedicated and virtual servers and some of our upgrades.
Since last week our high-end server “Dedicated Server X”, which includes a powerful Intel Core i7 3930K processor, 64 GB DDR3-RAM and 256 GB SSD with 6 Gbit/s + 3 TB HDD, can already be ordered at the ridiculously low cost of 109.99 EUR/ month.
Have a look on our server overview at http://contabo.com/?show=servers – our prices of all other servers are quite reasonable as well.

Furthermore, we doubled the performance of our Virtual Private Servers (VPS). From now on, our customers get 16 GB RAM for only 29.99 EUR/ month. These 16 GB RAM are guaranteed to be available, contrary to other offers. You get 100% performance in full!
In addition to that the virtual machine offers 800 GB HDD and 4 cores with 3,2 Ghz each. All together for just 29.99 EUR/ month is a more than excellent cost-benefit ratio, in our opinion.

The consequences of the price reduction are not really very surprising for us but very pleasing. Every day our support team, that is responsible for new customers and for the setup of all ordered hosting products, is doing a great job by providing almost instant setup, usually within a few hours after receipt of payment.

When we checked our new orders today at 10.30 in the morning we already recorded new orders of
- 30 VPS and
- 4 Dedicated Servers.
We are already excited what count we are going to reach at the end of the day ;-).

Parallel to all the new orders the volume of support requests increases. Reasons for that are not because of errors or malfunctions of our server hardware – most of the support enquiries contain individual requests, technical issues and the startup procedure of the servers by the customers.
Even in times when more assistance is required by our customers we are taking care of every phone and email enquiry instantly, often only within a few minutes.
In short: Contabo is able to provide competent instant service and also care for individual requirements someone may have. The office is occupied from 8 am to 11 pm on 365 days a year including holidays and weekends.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our new and existing customers. Thank you for having placed your trust in us! We promise to keep on working hard to provide optimum service in combination with an excellent price performance ratio.
For further questions or a detailed product advice feel free to contact our support team (support@contabo.com). We are looking forward to your request.


“I’m thinking about continuing & renewing my server. EVERYTHING JUST, BECAUSE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS GREAT”

On some day during the last week a very good customer who has been renting a Dedicated Server in our datacenter wrote us that he did not necessarily need the server at this time anymore, because the gameserver project he wanted to develop failed. No more need for a dedicated server you might think at this point. But did this great customer cancel the server with Giga-International.com due to vacany? Never ever! Have a look on the email conversation between the customer and our support department by yourself:

"How important I am for you guys?

Just asking, because I'm bored. My gameserver hasn't been finished yet since there's no
players and server is useless for me at this time, but I would like to continue with my
server if there's something to do with it. Actually yes. There is, but I've to develop
everything from starting point.
Tell me. Do I continue? :3

Giga-International support department:
Dear Mr <customer's name>,
Thank you very much for your inquiry.
Please take note that unfortunately we are not really sure what exactly you want us to do.
Therefore we would kindly ask you to paraphrase your message and send it to us once again.
As soon as we receive your e-mail we will immediately respond back to you.
We are looking forward to receiving your soonest reply.
If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,
Kundenservice / Customer support

I'm thinking about continuing & renewing my payment. EVERYTHING JUST, BECAUSE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS GREAT...
I do not necessarily need server at this time, because I don't have any gameservers that I
can run there, but I'll renew my payment and I can try think some gameservers. I can not
ever hope to be succeed with my gameservers. I'm losing my hope, because no one plays
there ever, but I think I'll buy at least a one month more of the server I already have.
If I don't try... I cannot be succeed.
Any great ideas what to do with dedicated? 🙂
Thanks! I'm always happy about this support. It's reliable, fast and really nice people

That's what we call a great loyalty - we really appreciate having so kind and content customers! 🙂

I'd like to thank our nice customer that he gave me his permission to mention this incident in our blog.


Every voice counts…

Everyone should make his or her own opinion, always and everywhere. But sometimes one needs the help and support of others. So what could be better than using opinions and experiences of existing customers as decision support.

With immediate effect we offer the new category customer feedback on our website for undecided customers:

Short extract:Customer feedback

Feel free to leave a comment about your experiences with us or send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to your personal story.


“No Nightmares anymore…..

…thank you very very much! You are an amazing company! No trouble everything always simply works.”

This is just a short extract of an e-mail of a contented customer.

Every time when we receive a review like that in a hosting forum or via e-mail we are very pleased about that – because this is a confirmation of our work and efforts.
Whether here in the blog, on facebook, in hosting forums or through our support hotline: A lot of customers use the opportunity through these channels to give us feedback and reviews on our products and services. And that feedback is very important for us to improve our quality.

We listen to you, analyse and develop new strategies to implement your improvement suggestions. Learning from mistakes and talking openly about enhancement possibilities is essential for us and our company.

Another review that we received a few weeks ago confirmed our belief in our company philosophy that we pursue since the beginning of Giga-International: Being an inexpensive hosting provider with excellent support.
Jens O. about Giga-International on webhostlist.de: “Despite Giga-International is by far the most affordable hosting provider, everything went well. I ordered Saturday night and Sunday morning the server was already available.“ In our opinion the providing of cheap and affordable products does not exclude good service and support.

“The customer is king - outstanding service indispensable” – according to this motto everyone at Giga International is continuously working on.

So do not hesitate to send us your experiences or feedback whether for our services or products –we are looking forward to it whether it is praise or criticism. Of course you are welcome to recommend us on special hosting forums like WebHostingTalk or webhostlist.de.

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A customer’s gift for Giga-International

One of our customers has created a gift for us. He created a really nice website including a flash movie about us:


He presented it to us with the words "And I'm Proud To Be One Of Giga-International Customers".

You can imagine how happy we are having received this amazing animation. Thank you so much!!

This gift is definetly an appeal for us to keep up our efforts in order to provide really good services and products to all of our customers.


A new way to solve an access-problem

On some day during the last week a very good customer who has been colocating several self-managed servers in our datacenter wrote us that he had lost the connection to one of his servers because of some unknown software problem. To solve this problem, he asked us to connect a KVM-over-IP-device to his server with which he could connect his server via remote-monitor and remote-mouse, doesn't matter what problem the operating system or any software installed had.

A few minutes later one of our technicians has already been on the way to the server, the KVMoIP-device in his hands. But before he could connect the device to the server we received another email from our customer. He had found another solution to get control over his machine back again and this solution was as much fascinating and creative as funny:

"I managed to hack my own server. I just found a security hole, lol. -.-
It's now everything working. I don't require KVMoIP anymore, thank you. =)"

Our whole team laughed pretty much about this solution - not because it was a bad solution, but because it was so special and unique and we have never experience such a customer's approach before.
We wouldn't dislike the thought that every customer found such solutions for all problems that may arise in a datacenter with almost 1000 dedicated servers online, like we have it right now. There wouldn't be much work left for us and we would have so much more leisure time!
However, we know that this was a very unique solution and that's the reason why I wanted to tell you this little story. Moreover, I'd like to thank our nice colocation-customer that he gave me his permission to mention this incident in our blog.

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