Contabo data center uplinks: Now 100 Gbit/s available!

We have great news for you, once again 🙂 We have enhanced our data center connectivity with two additional high-quality uplinks.

The two carriers Level 3 and Telia have been connected with additional 2 x 10 Gbit/s to our backbone.

With regard to the internet connection of our data centers, we don't accept any compromises at all. Quite the contrary, we continue to focus on highest quality and best availability possible for you, our customers. It deserves to be mentioned: With Telia Carrier and Level 3 we chose the number 1 and number 2 of the world's biggest internet carriers for the upgrade of our upstreams - there is no other carrier who operates such huge networks worldwide.

The result? Quite some advantages for you: Now you receive an even better redundancy in case of a malfunction of any data center uplink. Besides, the additional upstreams increase the available bandwidth and provide you with an even better global routing and with a better price of traffic.

The Contabo data centers now are connected to the internet with 100 Gbit/s:

  • Telia Carrier: 30 Gbit/s
  • Level 3: 30 Gbit/s
  • DE-CIX: 20 Gbit/s
  • Versatel: 10 Gbit/s
  • M-Net: 10 Gbit/s

Additional Data Center uplink: 10 Gbit/s DE-CIX

Now that is some news we've got for you: This November, we have enhanced our data center connectivity with an additional, high quality uplink.

Besides the three already existing, extremely reliable upstreams via M-Net (10 Gbit/s), Telia Sonera (2 x 10 Gbit/s) and Level 3 (2 x 10 Gbit/s), another 10 Gbit/s-connection is now available. Thus we are investing in an even higher quality of traffic and another level of redundancy for our customers. For example, if the rare situation occurs that a fiber optic cable is damaged by an excavator or in any other way, you our dear customers will not even notice it: The internet connection is kept up by several additional fiber optic cables. Our high-quality CISCO-equipment is automatically routing the traffic through another cable – with no outage at all.

The new uplink connects Contabo with one of the largest internet exchange hubs in the world, namely the “DE-CIX” in Frankfurt. At that Internet Exchange Point, so-called “peerings” connect Contabo with the networks of hundreds of other Internet Service Providers in Germany and in the world, which leads to an even faster and more direct exchange of data between servers in Contabo's data center and servers, respectively users, in other network areas of the internet.

Besides the above mentioned redundancy, you will receive an even higher bandwidth, a better global routing and finally a better price of traffic. Now, our data centers are connected to the internet with 60 Gbit/s.

Shortly, further upstreams and peerings will be available – stay tuned.

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Black-Building-Test successful: Long-term power supply proved!

Yesterday a so-called "Black Building Test" (BBT) as part of our ongoing maintenance and testing of technical systems was successfully performed.
During this test we simulated a complete
blackout of the public power supply in our data center. In "real life" such a blackout can be caused, for instance, by works on mains electricity or through lightning strikes in high-voltage power lines - just to name a few scenarios.

Precisely in order to be independent of those power failure scenarios, we have a powerful, uninterrupted power backup for our data center.

The successful BB test that took place yesterday proves us, and thus our clients, continuing readiness of the redundantly configured UPS systems with appropriate batteries in our datacenter. These machines provide uninterrupted power to our servers during a power failure...


... before our emergency diesel genset, with 1800 kW and more than 50.000l fuel in its tank, is in operation and does supply the whole power needed by our servers completely independent from the electricity grid for a long time...


Convince yourself of our high quality level, not only in technical terms, do not hesitate to contact us on www.contabo.com and order one of our products with minimal costs!


Dos and Don’ts in a data center

DSCN0123DSCN0124Hiding Sheepy

Data center Germany Data center Germany Data center GermanyFor further impressions of our two data centers in Germany have a look on our website: https://contabo.com/?show=data_centers



Contabo launches second data center

New Contabo data center
Steady growth needs space for development.
In order to meet the increasing demand for our hosting services as well as the quality requirements of our customers, Contabo will start operation of a second data center in Nuremberg, Germany, in March 2014.

The current data center in Munich with a data floor of around 350 m² will then be extended with a 1.750 m² data floor and 530 m² office and service premises in Nuremberg. Around 2.500 dedicated servers remain in operation in our Munich data center, while the new facility in Nuremberg will be capable to run another 10.000 dedicated servers.

The new location will be acquired in February 2014 already and it will be operated independently by Contabo. This will allow continuous improvements and expansions to guarantee the most stable and energy-efficient data center infrastructure.

Facts about the second Contabo data center in Nuremberg:
- 1750 m² data floor
- Raised floor, load-bearing capacity > 1000 kg / m²
- Inhouse transformer-station / power switching station > 2,4 MVA
- 3 x 600 kVA UPS (n + 1)
- Emergency standby system (diesel powered)
- 3 x 600 kW cooling capacity (n + 1), free cooling
- Internet connection using two different fiber directions into the building
- Carrier-neutral (almost any carrier available)
- Alarm system, observation cameras and security service
- Fire alarm system, smoke and heat extraction systems
- Access only via ID card
- Personnel on site 365 days a year

The first Contabo servers will start operation in the new data center early March 2014.


Episode 2: When data center cabling becomes art

In the following you'll find another episode of "When data center cabling becomes art".

This time the art work is located in the data center of Contabo.Contabo data centerContabo data centerContabo data center


Google data centers!

For the first time Google gives us an insight in its data centers. It is even possible to run through via Google street view.

Explore the important parts of the hight-tech data center like the networking room, the server floor, the tape library and the cooling tower.


When data center cabling becomes art

Technicians also can be creative 🙂









Source: ChrisDag









Source: tim_d







Source: jef_newsom







Source: mbm3290










Source: Arlen:J



Our third 10Gbit/s upstream (Level 3) is online

Just a short confirmation: In December 2011 we said that we are going to expand our upstreams with an additional, high-quality carrier: Level 3.

This has been completed in March 2012. Thus, since the 1st of April we've been online with 3 x 10 Gbit/s including Level 3, Telia Sonera International Carrier and M-Net.

All of our customers get the best routes available within the networks of those three carriers automatically.

Indeed: All the servers of our customers have a really nice routing worldwide 🙂


What are the advantages of an external data center!

Last week I initiated on our facebook fanpages Contabo and Contabo International a small survey on the topic „server outsourcing“. The response of course could have been a bit bigger, but at least 14 people have made their voices; so I take this opportunity to write a short blog post about the benefits of an external data center.

Actually, why do we, Giga Hosting, exist? And why do more and more outsource their server structure?

First of all the cost factor has to be mentioned. The purchase of an infrastructure comparable with modern data centers requires significant investment. So if one makes the decision for an own data center perhaps these acquisition costs must be provided instead of investing in strategic products.

Furthermore the administrative costs should be named aswell - this includes the maintenance and management of infrastructure and hardware.

Many of our customers rely on our wide range of hosting solutions in order to keep their investment costs low. Because we design individual server environments that are tailored to special needs of each customer. Whether they need dedicated or virtualized machines - they pay only what they actually need for their projects.








As you can see the main criteria for server outsourcing are "Low investment costs," "Fast and redundant connection" and "Higher performance".

But there is one very important advantage that benefits mainly Giga-Hosting: our competitive products.
Our efforts for existing on the market in such a successfull way have a positive effect on our customers; because we are always working on better conditions, even better prices and more powerful products.

Convince yourself on wednesday!

-----------------The same text in german / Der gleiche Text in deutsch: -------------------

Was sind die Vorteile eines externen Rechenzentrums!

Letzte Woche habe ich über unsere beiden Facebook Seiten Contabo und Contabo International eine kleine Umfrage zum Thema „Server Outsourcing“ gestartet. Die Resonanz hätte natürlich etwas größer sein können, aber 14 Personen haben immerhin ihre Stimmen abgegeben, was mir wiederum Anlass gibt, einen kurzen Blogbeitrag zu den Vorteilen eines externen Rechenzentrums zu schreiben.

Warum gibt es uns, die Giga- Hosting GmbH  eigentlich? Und warum entscheiden sich immer mehr, ihre Serverstruktur auszulagern.

Ganz klar an erster Stelle sind die Kostenfaktoren zu nennen. Die Anschaffung einer mit modernen Rechenzentren vergleichbaren Infrastruktur setzt erhebliche Investitionskosten voraus. Diese müssen von Unternehmen erst einmal erbracht werden, statt anderweitig z.B. für strategische Projekte eingesetzt werden zu können.
Nicht zuletzt sind die administrativen Kosten zu nennen, die die Instandhaltung und Verwaltung von Infrastruktur und Hardware veranschlagen.

Viele unserer Kunden greifen auf unsere vielfältigen Hosting-Lösungen zurück, um die Investitionskosten von vornherein niedrig zu halten. Denn wir konzipieren und bilden individuell auf unsere Kunden abgestimmte optimale Serverlandschaften ab. Egal ob sie virtualisierte oder dedizierte Maschinen benötigen – sie bezahlen nur das, was sie tatsächlich für ihre Projekte benötigen.

Auch das von uns angebotene Server-Housing hat einen ganz besonderen Vorteil: Wenn Kunden ihre bestehende Serverinfrastruktur bei uns im Rechenzentrum lagern, kommen sie automatisch in den Genuss unserer redundant ausgebauten Infrastruktur.









Wie man sieht sind die Hauptkriterien für eine Serverauslagerung ganz klar „Geringe Investitionskosten“, „Schnelle und redundante Anbindung“ sowie „Mehr Performance“.

Ein ganz entscheidender Vorteil, von dem vor allem Giga-Hosting Kunden profitieren, liegt vor allem in unseren wettbewerbsfähigen Produkten.
Unser Bestreben, weiterhin am Markt so erfolgreich zu bestehen, kommt vor allem unseren Kunden zu Gute; denn wir arbeiten stets an besseren Angeboten und Preisen und noch besseren leistungsstärkeren Produkten.

Überzeugt Euch davon selbst kommenden Mittwoch!


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