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Internet exchange points

Internet exchange points are a key component of the internet infrastructure. The following short video clip explains how they work.
By the way, we are really proud of our high-quality connectivity. The traffic of our customers can not only be routed through various Internet exchange points but also be routed via many direct peerings to the world´s most important network providers (e.g. Level3, TeliaSonera, CABLE&WIRELESS, Deutsche Telekom, ...). And of course we will expand our connectivity furthermore in the future for you ;-).

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  1. Andreas and me definetly haven’t arranged something, but:
    Indeed, there’s going to be connected a brand new TIER 1 Carrier (TOP 5 worldwide) in the Giga-Hosting datacenter next to the great carrier which is already in here at the 1st of July 2010. The peering capacity of this carrier is so huge that 90 % of all european broadband networks are connected directly to this new carrier.
    I will write a new article revealing the name and more details soon! 🙂

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