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News update from Contabo: 2FA and simplified order process through the Customer Control Panel

Towards the end of last year, we already announced exciting news and developments at Contabo, which will happen throughout this year!

Today we are happy to provide you with the first update in this regard. We listened to your feedback and your wishes and consequently implemented two additional features in your Customer Control Panel (CCP):

  • Two-factor-authentication (2FA) with One-Time-Password (OTP) for the CCP login area, for an additional layer of security. The setup is really easy and can be done in your login are under the option "Your customer data". By doing so, you will increase the security of your server and data.
  • As an existing customer, you can conveniently place additional orders of services through your CCP now. Just click on the desired main product in the left column. In the following order process, you will be recognized as an existing customer and your main e-mail-address will be entered automatically!
2FA is available in the CCP now!

Rest assured: All of this is just the beginning. In the coming months, we will provide many more exciting features and news around Contabo - stay tuned and check our blog regularly so that you won't miss a thing!

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  1. Fantastic news!!

  2. Genial,

    A esperar por nuevas funciones.

  3. That’s great.
    Also can you add VPS resizing option please?

  4. Great news!

    Cheers: unimatrix team

  5. So great.

  6. Great news. However, when can we have a Daily Backup Server Solution as many other Hosts ?

  7. Perfect!

    Hope, its free to activate it.

  8. Good News, congratulations!!

  9. All thanks, appreciation and respect to all
    We are used to excellence and creativity from:Contabo

  10. Please also make per product seperate invoice system. Like whmcs

  11. Awesome!

  12. أخبار رائعة سعيد جداً لسماع ذلك ونتمني إن شاء الله لكم المزيد من التطور والنجاح الدائم.

  13. Thank you so much Contabo team, now we are more secured with you.

  14. this is a very good idea, but which part of the panel is this option
    in my.contabo.com i don’t see 2fa even in myhost/cpanel i don’t see 2fa
    very good idea for security, BRAVO!!!

  15. love it, thank you contabo

  16. Important implementation Thank you.

  17. nice.. seems like good news

  18. Please Help
    I hope to clarify more on how the add-on works
    thank you

  19. This is amazing. I love it

  20. Good Improvement !

  21. Thanks for efforts

  22. Great job guys!

  23. Hello saad ahmoudi,
    Please get in touch with our customer support team via e-mail to support@contabo.com if you need assistance. We will gladly provide further information.

    Best regards,

  24. Good News !!

  25. Awesome!

  26. Greaat job!

  27. Very good

  28. This is great. I’m thinking of a mobile-friendly design? What do you think?

  29. good job
    yet to implament api and some other features

  30. good news
    hope we can access VMS through the web browser


  31. Thank you

  32. Great news, thank you Contabo! I cannot leave you, love you.
    Thanks for this security improvements.

  33. Great News from Contabo, and Congratulation for Contabo and us.
    Great Job from Contabo Developer.
    Best Regards.

  34. Great job

  35. Access to terminal over your app would be great!

  36. Thanks for all your nice comments, really appreciated 🙂
    We are working on improving our CCP and website even further, stay tuned for more updates in the coming months 🙂

    Best regards,

  37. But im accses just via pc

  38. Great info, thank you Contabo!

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