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Special Promotion: Setup fee cancelled for our VPS with HDD + SSD boost!

2015 is not done yet, neither are we! After releasing our brand new VPS with 100% SSD disk space just a few weeks ago, we have just now erased the setup-fees for our VPS with HDD + SSD boost: 0€ - even if you rent our VPS for the minimum contract period of one month!


For further details, please click here!


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  1. Is this permanent or just a temporary offer?

  2. Hello Ticky,
    as of now, it’s a temporary offer – we are always adjusting setup fees depending on the demand we receive 🙂 but don’t worry, they’ll be free of setup fees for the time being 😉

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. will you please offer me a free setup for VPS XL SSD I am interested to purchase one.

  4. Hello Lakshmish,
    unfortunately we cannot offer our VPS-SSD series free of setup-fees at this very moment. If you, however, purchase the VPS with a contract period of 12 months, we do not charge any additional fees! We kindly ask for your understanding.

    Have a nice day,

  5. I am from India do i need to pay VAT ? what is the price I have to pay

  6. Hello again 🙂
    You will have to pay the monthly price for the VPS XL SSD, namely 29.99 Euro/month, plus the respective setup fee. Please note that you have to pay for the selected contract period in advance: if you opt for a 12 month contract, you would have to send us 12×29.99 Euro. No further taxes are added!

    Kind regards,

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