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♡ ★ ♡ All good things come in threes ♡ ★ ♡

VPS MAll those you have been waiting for this for a long time can breathe easier from now on.

As the saying goes? All good things come in threes and that's the reason for our third setup promotion on our virtual machines.

No Setup fee! Free Installation for your VPS M.


Characteristic for the VPS M are the following attributes: Small but powerful. The power of a root server at the price of a webspace package.

- 1 CPU Core
- Single Priority
- 2 GB of RAM (guaranteed!)
- 100 GB of Hard Disk space
- 100 Mbps unlimited Bandwidth
- 1 IP address included
- Only 9.99 EUR per month!



♡ ★ ♡ It must be server heaven! ♡ ★ ♡

Dedicated Server Core i7

Saving money is guaranteed with our 15th calendar promotion. Go for our today's offer and spend the extra money on christmas gifts or mulled  wine and punch on christmas market.

Save 10 EUROS - Dedicated Server Core i7 instead of € 99.99 permanently for € 89.99.

For all those who prefer a bigger server model: We waived the setup fee of our Dedicated Server 6-Core.
Have a look on our server overview and choose the right server model for your individual needs.

Dedicated Server Core i7
- Intel Core i7 920 4 x 2.66 GHz
- 12 GB of DDR3 RAM
- 2 x 1000 GB HDD
- 100 Mbps switch port
- Unlimited traffic
- Only 89.99 Euro / month!
Dedicated Server 6-Core
- Intel Core i7 980 6 x 3.20 GHz
- 24 GB DDR3-RAM
- 80 GB Intel Postville SSD
- 2000 GB S-ATA HDD
- 100 Mbps switch port
- Unlimited Traffic
- Only 119.99 Euro / month!

♡ ★ ♡ Almost like christmas,…

Setup promotion...someone might think, when he looks behind the 14th door of our online Advent calendar.

This time we provide you with 4 special hosting offers instead of just one. And without a doubt, I would say: these offers will make the heart of every hosting prospective beat faster.

No Setup Fees! Free Installation of all Webhosting Packages!

No matter which size of our webspace packages (M, L, XL, XXL) you choose, the setup fee will be waived.
Even the smallest webspace package for just € 2.99 already meets the demands of a professional website operator.

Convince yourself on our webspace overview and select the right package for your special needs.


♡ ★ ♡ Now and immediately ♡ ★ ♡

Instant-SetupOur next offer is aimed at those people who doesn't want to lose any time:

Instant-Setup worth € 29.99. Guaranteed delivery of your hosting product within 12 hours after having received payment.

In many cases it will be possible for us to provide the server to you within a few hours only! By choosing Paypal or Moneybookers as payment option we are going to receive your payment immediately.

So quickly open the 12th calendar door an start using your server, webspace oder VPS immediatley!


♡ ★ ♡ Only today in our Advent calendar ♡ ★ ♡

Dedicated Server DuoWe start today's day with opening the 11th calendar door and reveal another setup promotion:

No Setup fee! Free installation for your Dedicated Server Duo.

The Dedicated Server Duo is, indeed, our smallest server model, but offers a state-of-the-art dual core technology and 400 GB of disk space while being highly affordable at the same time.

We are looking forward to your order 🙂

Server features:
- Intel Core 2 Duo 2 x 2.13 GHz
- 400 GB HDD
- 100 Mbps switch port
- unlimited Traffic
- only 59.99 Euro / month



♡ ★ ♡ Day 10: Motto “Back it up” ♡ ★ ♡

Today our Advent promotion enters the next round. Thanks to the offer behind our 10th door data security has never been so easy:

For each Dedicated Server you order get 50 GB Backup space for free.

Only today take advantage of our specialized exklusive backup server with its expensive RAID 6 array to backup your files and databases.

With this upgrade free of charge you will receive an account which allows your server to access our backup server via FTP or FTPs (explicit) over the internatl network. Furthermore there is no limit for the size of individual files and the number of files. The traffic is internal and, of course, unlimited.


♡ ★ ♡ Today in our Advent calendar ♡ ★ ♡

2 for 1 Webspace packageFor every Webspace Package you order get an additional one for free!

It's so simple:
Order one, get two! Order a Webspace package in your desired size; get a webspace with high performance at a really good price and on top of that a second Webspace Package free of charge.

Please just contact our customer support team once you have completed your first order and we will send you the login credentials for the second one.

That's it!

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♡ ★ ♡ St. Nicholas Day ♡ ★ ♡

Dedicated ServerToday we put something into your boot that knocks off your socks: GBIT-PORT FOR FREE!

For every ordered Dedicated Server get 1 Gbit/s port instead of 100 Mbit/s free of charge and save € 49,99 per month.

Set new standards regarding the transfer speed of your server and benefit of a 10 times faster Internet connection.

Open the 6th door of our Advent calendar and get a hold of our special offer.

And for those who don't know St. Nicholas (in German: Nikolaus):

In Northern Germany, Sankt Nikolaus is usually celebrated on a small scale. Many children put a boot called Nikolaus-Stiefel (Nikolaus boot) outside the front door on the night of 5 December. St. Nicholas fills the boot with gifts and sweets overnight, and at the same time checks up on the children to see if they were good, polite and helpful the last year. If they were not, they will have a tree branch (Rute) in their boots instead. (...)
In Austria, Bavaria and Tyrol  St. Nicholas is accompanied by Krampus, represented as a beast like creature, generally demonic in appearance.

(Source: Wikipedia http://bit.ly/11IWScI)



We’re getting into the Christmas spirit…

Since our Advent calendar is available, the Christmas fever has also reached our office.

Contabo Lounge











And those who have not seen it yet: Tommorow we open the first door of our online Advent calendar. Please have a look on our website and save money with our daily special offers.


Christmas can come 🙂