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Price reduction: Internet bandwidth, now almost for free!

For hosting in a datacenter - or expressed in a more fashionable way - storing data in 'the cloud', there is one crucial factor:
A top quality, fast and secure Internet connection of the servers within the datacenter. Only this makes it possible to retrieve and make use of the data, stored and processed in the servers, in a way that makes sense, no matter where on earth the users are located.

Our customers around the globe appreciate the high quality level of the Internet connection in Contabo's datacenter, which is and has been guaranteed for a long time already, by the two worldwide leading "Tier 1" carriers Telia Sonera and Level 3, as well as by the glass fiber pioneering provider M-Net, who is presently supplying the city of Munich and its suburbs with glass fiber connections straight to the user.

We are now taking a further step ahead and are proving to our customers that even although quality has got its price, this price is incredibly low at Contabo. We do once again turn our business objective into reality: Providing the highest quality at the lowest prices, second to none.

Contabo data center

All that is made possible by the large volume of the contingent that we purchase for several thousands of dedicated and virtual servers:
As of today, you can obtain Internet bandwidth/traffic at Contabo, for nearly nothing.

1. New server upgrade: 1 Gbit/s bandwidth - without shaping, 24/7 guaranteed. Only 399.99 EUR / month!
By choosing this upgrade your server is being connected to a 1 Gbit/s (=1000 Mbit/s) dedicated switchport (non-shared) which reserves the whole bandwidth volume of 1 Gbit/s only for you. You are able to use the full 1 Gbit/s with both your upstream and your downstream - 24/7 without limitations, no port capping, etc. We do guarantee this bandwidth allocation to you exclusively, thus, you don't share this bandwidth with any other server. Even if you should use the whole bandwidth all the time, we will not throttle your serverport!

2. Price reduction for the server upgrade: 100 Mbit/s bandwidth without shaping, 24/7 guaranteed. Only 39.99 EUR / month!
By choosing this upgrade your server is being connected to a 100 Mbit/s dedicated switchport (non-shared) which reserves the whole bandwidth volume of 100 Mbit/s only for you. You are able to use the full 100 Mbit/s with both your upstream and your downstream - 24/7 without limitations, no port capping, etc. We do guarantee this bandwidth allocation to you exclusively, thus, you don't share this bandwidth with any other server. Even if you should use the whole bandwidth all the time, we will not throttle your serverport!

3. Price reduction for colocation bandwidth: Dedicated, non-shared bandwidth - without shaping, 24/7 guaranteed: 50% cheaper, no matter how much bandwidth you order!
With this bandwidth module, we offer you dedicated bandwidth, which is reserved for you entirely and can be used in full, all the time ('non-shared'). Both upstream and downstream are useable simultaneously exactly up to the number of mbit/s you chose to order. No restrictions. No traffic limit.
Moreover, you can define yourself whether you want to use the ordered bandwidth as a flat rate with a fixed price or whether you prefer the 95th percentile billing method, which allows to exceed the ordered number of Mbit/s if necessary.
In addition to that, you can connect any number of servers (housing modules) to this bandwidth module.
If you do not want to use your own router or BGP, we will manage switching and routing for you - without any extra costs.
Even when starting with only 10 Mbit/s, this module has an impressive price/performance-ratio. But as always: The higher your number of Mbit/s, the cheaper your price per Mbit/s will get.

4. Discount for colocation bandwidth: 100 Mbit/s shared port, now only 9.99 EUR / month!
100 Mbit/s port and unlimited traffic for your colo-server(s) at a reasonable price? No problem.
With this bandwidth module, your colocated server can be connected to our shared bandwidth pool using a 100 Mbit/s port. The traffic is unlimited, thus you can use as much bandwidth as you want.
If you have ordered a '1 server (rack/tower)' housing module together with this bandwidth module, for example, your entire colocation package is complete at only 39.98 EUR per month.

5. Improvement for all dedicated servers which have not been ordered along with the 'dedicated bandwidth - 24/7 guaranteed no shaping' (see above) upgrade:
You can now use (uninterruptedly and continuously) up to 60 Mbit/s on average. Your port will not be throttled.

6. Improvement for all VPS (virtual private servers):
You can now use (uninterruptedly and continuously) up to 40 Mbit/s on average. Your port will not be throttled.

The Internet connection of your server has never been so cheap before and never ever have you been able before, to run bandwidth-intensive applications and homepages so easily!

Pick the Contabo server of your choice right now and get started:


Our third 10Gbit/s upstream (Level 3) is online

Just a short confirmation: In December 2011 we said that we are going to expand our upstreams with an additional, high-quality carrier: Level 3.

This has been completed in March 2012. Thus, since the 1st of April we've been online with 3 x 10 Gbit/s including Level 3, Telia Sonera International Carrier and M-Net.

All of our customers get the best routes available within the networks of those three carriers automatically.

Indeed: All the servers of our customers have a really nice routing worldwide 🙂


Additional Upstream: 10 Gbit/s Level 3

This winter we are going to expand our upstreams with an additional, high-quality carrier.

In addition to the already existing, extremely reliable connections via M-Net and Telia Sonera (10 Gbit/s each) there will be yet a third 10 Gbit/s connection in our datacenter available from February 2012 on. With it we're investing in a new level of redundancy for our datacenter customers. In the most unlikely event that a fibercable is going to be damaged by a excarvator or somehow else, our clients would not even notice any constraints. The two other glassfiber connections would be taking over, as in such case our high end CISCO-equipment would route the traffic automatically and without interruptions of service.

The new carrier Level 3 is widely known for his quality. Being a TIER1-carrier just like Telia Sonera it features a total of around 100 000 fiber miles worldwide. Thus, Level 3 is considered as the biggest and best-linked carrier in the world. Besides the excellent European network of Level 3 it's especially the American continent which is connected very well by the U.S. company. This makes Level 3 to the ideal choice for us, because we already have Telia Sonera as upstream carrier which is connected to 90% of all european broadbandnetworks directly. Level 3 serves 18 of world's top 20 telecom carriers.

For our customers that means - besides the formerly mentioned redundancy - that they benefit from an even broader internet bandwidth, a remarkably improved worldwide routing by using three parallel upstreams and last but definitely not least, a much better price in regards to traffic.

Further, we will offer more upstreams and peerings in the near future.


--------- The same text in german / Der gleiche Text auf deutsch: ---------

Noch in diesem Winter werden wir unsere Upstreams um einen weiteren, qualitativ hochwertigen Carrier erweitern.

Voraussichtlich im Februar wird neben den beiden bereits vorhandenen, äußerst zuverlässigen Anbindungen via M-Net und Telia Sonera (jeweils 10 Gbit/s) eine weitere 10 Gbit/s-Anbindung im Rechenzentrum verfügbar sein. Damit investieren wir in ein drittes Redundanzlevel für unsere Rechenzentrumskunden. Sollte beispielsweise der seltene Fall auftreten, dass eine Glasfaserleitung durch einen Bagger oder anderweitig beschädigt wird, spüren unsere Kunden hiervon nichts: Die Internetanbindung wird durch nunmehr gleich zwei weitere Glasfasern aufrecht erhalten. Unser hochwertiges CISCO-Equipment routet in einem solchen Fall automatisch und ausfallfrei den Traffic um.

Der neue Carrier Level 3 steht weltweit für höchste Qualität. Genau wie Telia Sonera ist als er als TIER1-Carrier "upstreamfrei" und verfügt über rund 160.000 Kilometer eigene Glasfaserkabel weltweit. Damit ist Level 3 wohl der größte und am Besten vernetzte Carrier weltweit. Neben einem exzellenten europäischen Netz ist insbesondere der gesamte amerikanische Kontinent von dem US-Unternehmen bestens konnektiert. Damit stellt Level 3 für Giga-Hosting.biz eine hervorragende Ergänzung zu dem bereits bestehenden Carrier Telia Sonera dar, an den über 90 % aller europäischen Bandbreitennetze direkt angeschlossen sind. Level 3 versorgt 18 der TOP 20 Telefongesellschaften auf der Welt.

Für unsere Kunden bedeutet dies - neben der bereits eingangs erwähnten Redundanz - noch mehr zur Verfügung stehende Internetbandbreite, ein noch besseres, weltweites Routing durch den parallelen Einsatz der Upstreams von M-Net, Telia Sonera und Level 3 sowie letztlich einen noch besseren Trafficpreis.

Darüber hinaus werden in Kürze weitere Upstreams und Peerings folgen.


100 Mbit/s is not enough: 1 Gbit/s Uplink for your server available!

When it comes to supporting specifically intensive traffic applications and assisting its customers with low, even marketing-wise unusual cheap prices, in order to make their ideas and projects come true, Giga-International is looking back at a long successful history. With pride we may remind that many years ago, Giga-International was among one of the first hosting providers on the market who introduced a traffic flatrate for all of their servers. That was way back when most of the major providers still had set a traffic limit of 300, sometimes 500 GB per month.

In the light of this great tradition, it seems only logical for us to take the next step and launch a bandwidth package for our clients, with which we once more backup our status as pioneers in regards to internet bandwidth provision. This offer is simply second to none on the hosting market nowadays.

Giga-International presents three innovations with one basic sense behind. Stay on the fast lane of the data highway - because if you snooze, you lose...

NEW: Upgrade "1 Gbit/s Port"
With this upgrade your server is going to be equipped with a 1 Gbit/s uplink (= 1000 Mbit/s) instead of the default 100 Mbit/s port. Set new standards in respect to the speed of data transfer of your server and decide for the 1 Gbit/s port. And as a matter of fact of course, there is no traffic limitation. Your server is set to 'unlimited traffic'.
The monthly surcharge for this 10 times faster connection is only 99.00 EUR. This upgrade is available for all our root servers as of today and can be added by a simple click during the ordering process.

    NEW: Upgrade "100 Mbit/s without shaping 24/7" for only 99.00 EUR
    From now on, we have cut our price by half for our upgrade "100 Mbit/s bandwidth guaranteed" which could be added to any selectable dedicated server. This exclusive bandwidth model did cost 199.00 EUR per month formerly, and is now available at a sensational price of only 99.00 EUR per month.
    Practically this means that you can use the full 100 Mbit/s, simultaneously up- and downstream doubled, day and night, hour by hour and daily as you like. There are no limitations at our end. You will neither be shaped, nor throttled in any way.

        NEW: Port-Shaping due to excessive traffic usage only ever over 40 Mbit/s from now on
        Giga-International is committed to guarantee an optimum of network quality against all of their customers. Therefore it sometimes becomes necessary to limit individual servers which are excessively using the network and by doing so, creating a disadvantage for hundreds of other clients. Such happens very rarely though, and only as an ultimate solution. Until now, the regulation was as follows:
        If average traffic consumption continuously exceeds 20 Mbit/s over a timespan of at least 10 days - whereas the traffic between 2:00 and 11:00 GMT+1 is not taken into account, it can be any value - the connection is switched to 10 Mbit/s

        As of now we have doubled the respective limit which could have caused the throttling of internet bandwidth, for all of our customers to remarkable 40 Mbit/s. This, by all means, allows our customers to even run applications which are known as bandwidth hawks without being endangered of getting shaped. The new regulation is from now on:

        If average traffic consumption continuously exceeds 40 Mbit/s over a timespan of at least 10 days - whereas the traffic between 2:00 and 11:00 GMT+1 is not taken into account, it can be any value - the connection is switched to 10 Mbit/s

        Your server is still connected to 100 Mbit/s?
        Give it a try and boost it up to 1 Gbit/s.

        Hop on to a new highspeed server generation - click here!



        The same text in german (der selbe Text in deutsch):

        Giga-Hosting hat es sich seit jeher auf die Fahne geschrieben, gerade sehr trafficintensive Anwendungen besonders zu unterstützen und seine Kunden mit günstigen, oft gar marktunüblich niedrigen Traffic-Preisen zu helfen, die eigenen Ideen und Projekte zu verwirklichen. Nicht ohne Stolz dürfen wir daran erinnern, dass Giga-Hosting zu den ersten Hosting-Providern am deutschen Markt überhaupt zählte, der für all seine Server vor vielen, vielen Jahren die Traffic-Flatrate einführte. Und das in Zeiten, in denen ein Trafficlimit von 300, vielleicht 500 GB pro Monat bei den meisten großen Anbietern noch auf der Tagesordnung stand.

        Angesichts dieser großen Tradition ist es dann für uns auch nur logisch, heute den nächsten Schritt zu gehen und für unsere Kunden einmal mehr ein Bandbreiten-Paket zu schnürren, mit dem wir unseren Status Quo als Pionier in Sachen Internetbandbreite untermauern. Denn Sie werden auf dem Hosting-Markt aktuell schlicht nichts vergleichbares finden.

        Giga-Hosting präsentiert drei Neuerungen mit einem Gedanken: Bleiben Sie mit uns auf der Überholspur der Datenautobahn - denn wie heißt es so schön: Wer bremst, verliert...

        NEU: Upgrade "1 Gbit/s Port"
        Mit diesem Upgrade erhält Ihr Server an Stelle des serienmäßigen 100 Mbit/s-Ports einen 1 Gbit/s-Uplink (=1000 Mbit/s).
        Setzen Sie neue Maßstäbe, was die Datentransfergeschwindigkeit Ihres Servers angeht und entscheiden Sie sich für den 1 Gbit/s-Port! Selbstverständlich gibt es auch bei dieser Anschlussmöglichkeit keine Trafficlimitierung, Ihr Server verfügt über unlimited Traffic!
        Der monatliche Aufpreis für die 10-fache Geschwindigkeit beträgt gerade einmal 99 EUR / Monat. Das Upgrade ist für all unsere Rootserver ab heute verfügbar und kann während des Bestellvorgangs hinzu geklickt werden.

            NEU: Upgrade "100 Mbit/s ohne Drosselung 24/7" - jetzt nur noch 99 EUR
            Für unser Upgrade "100 Mbit/s Bandbreite - 24/7 garantiert", welches bei der Bestellung eines beliebigen dedizierten Servers auswählbar ist, haben wir ab sofort den Monatspreis halbiert. War eine solch exklusive Bandbreitengarantie bislang nur für 199 EUR pro Monat zu haben, so erhalten unsere Kunden diese Leistung ab jetzt für sensationelle 99 EUR pro Monat. Das bedeutet für Sie in der Praxis ganz konkret: Nutzen Sie die vollen 100 Mbit/s - gern auch parallel im Up- und Downstream gleich doppelt - unseretwegen Tag und Nacht, Stunde um Stunde, Tag um Tag; von uns werden Sie weder gedrosselt noch sonst eingeschränkt.
            Wir wollen, dass Sie unsere Leitungen glühen lassen!

              NEU: Port-Drosselung bei zu extensiver Trafficnutzung erst ab > 40 Mbit/s
              Giga-Hosting ist all seinen Kunden gegenüber vepflichtet, eine optimale Netzqualität zu garantieren. Aus diesem Grund ist es unumgänglich, einzelne Server, die das Netzwerk über Gebühr belasten und damit hunderte andere Kunden ausbremsen, im Netzwerk zu beschränken. Dies geschieht freilich äußerst selten und nur, wenn es nicht anders geht. Die bisherige Regelung hierfür lautete:
              Bei einem Durchschnittsverbrauch über 20 Mbit/s in einem zusammenhängenden Zeitraum von mindestens 10 Tagen - die Zeit von 2:00 Uhr nachts bis 11:00 Uhr vormittags jeweils ausgenommen - erfolgt eine Umstellung der Anbindung auf 10 Mbit/s.

              Wir haben den ausschlaggebenden Grenzwert, der im Einzelfall zu einer Abstufung der Internetbandbreite führen konnte, ab heute für all unsere Kunden auf beachtliche 40 Mbit/s verdoppelt. Damit sind selbst trafficintensivste Applikationen im Regelfall "außer Gefahr". Die neue Regelung lautet:

              Bei einem Durchschnittsverbrauch über 40 Mbit/s in einem zusammenhängenden Zeitraum von mindestens 10 Tagen - die Zeit von 2:00 Uhr nachts bis 11:00 Uhr vormittags jeweils ausgenommen - erfolgt eine Umstellung der Anbindung auf 10 Mbit/s.

              Ihr Server läuft noch mit 100Mbit/s?
              Versuchen Sie es mal mit 1 Gbit/s. Steigen Sie jetzt mit uns ein in eine neue Highspeed-Servergeneration!

              Zu unseren Gbit/s-Servern


              NEW at Giga-Hosting: Giga Linux Cluster

              The cluster system for your individual requirements. High performance, high stability and low price.

              Regardless which hardware component might fail or how the number of web site visitors might increase - your web presence will remain 24/7 online.

              The Giga Linux Cluster is built not only to prevent service outages, but also to provide the full capacity of all cluster servers during standard operation. This leads to a reduction of the response times even in the face of increasing load due to an increasing amount of web site visitors or complex applications. With the Giga Linux Cluster, there are no IT-related boundaries anymore to the growth of your company.

              The Giga Linux Clusters offers four advantages:

              1. Reliability - high availability of your site
              2. Scalability - easy and rapid expansion
              3. Load balancing - cost effective utilization of resources
              4. Data security - don't take a risk

              We take care of the details

              It goes without saying that the experienced staff of Giga-International is taking care of each and every detail in accordance with your personal requirements: Assistance and consultation, initial configuration of the servers and the network infrastructure, adjustment of technical parameters in close collaboration with you and the permanent technical service for the cluster. You can sit back!

              Giga Linux Cluser has unbeatable prices

              Fair acconting of the individual configuration and no monthly costs. You only pay for the dedicated servers that are deployed within the cluster.__________________________

              The same text in German / Der gleiche Text in Deutsch

              Das Clustersystem für Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse. Hochperformant, sicher und preiswert.

              Egal, welche Hardware ausfällt oder wie sehr sich Ihre Besucherzahl vervielfacht - Ihre Webpräsenz bleibt immer 24/7 online.

              Mit dem Giga Linux Cluster vermeiden Sie nicht nur Ausfälle, es kann auch im Normalbetrieb die Kapazität aller Server genutzt und modular erweitert werden, um so (z.B. bei Web-Applikationen) die Antwortzeiten selbst bei stetig zunehmender Serverlast durch wachsende Besucherzahlen oder aufwändigere Anwendungen zu verringern. Ihrem Wachstum sind seitens der IT damit endlich keine Grenzen mehr gesetzt.

              Der Giga Linux Cluster bietet vier Vorteile:

              1. Ausfallsicherheit - für eine hohe Verfügbarkeit Ihres Angebots
              2. Skalierbarkeit - für einfache und schnelle Erweiterungen
              3. Lastverteilung - für eine kosteneffiziente Auslastung
              4. Datensicherheit - gehen Sie kein Risiko ein

              Wir kümmern uns um die Details

              Selbstverständlich übernimmt das Expertenteam von Giga-Hosting für Sie sämtliche Details, ganz nach Ihren Wünschen: Beratung, initiale Konfiguration der Server und der Netzwerkinfrastruktur, Anpassung von technischen Parametern in Absprach mit Ihnen und die dauerhafte, technische Betreuung des Clusterbetriebs. Sie können sich zurück lehnen!

              Giga Linux Cluster ist unschlagbar preiswert

              Faire Abrechnung der individuellen Konfiguration und keine monatlichen Kosten. Sie bezahlen lediglich für die dedizierten Server, die im Cluster zum Einsatz kommen.


              100 Mbit/s 24/7 – now only 199 EUR!

              For many of our server customers it's very important to get an internet bandwidth for their server which is guaranteed 24/7 during day and night and, moreover, which is allowed to be used by their server without running the risk of being suspended or throttled.

              So what we did with immediate effect is that we halved the monthly price for our server upgrade "100 Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth - 24/7 guaranteed" which is available for every dedicated server during the order process. Up to now such an exclusive bandwidth guarantee only has been available for 399 EUR per month. Now our customers get this benefit for amazing 199 EUR per month!

              Of course, we also cut the prices for our dedicated bandwidth usable with our housing solutions accordingly.

              With this enormous price reduction we would like to invite our customers to something most other providers are afraid of: Please don't hesitate to use our quality upstreams and do use as much traffic as you want! It is our goal to support your growth, and not to put a stoke in your wheel.


              Update: Fiber cable (colt) mounted

              I already wrote about our new 10 Gbit/s fiber connection via Colt to Telia Sonera which is going to be available at the 1st of July in our datacenter. Today some technicians instructed by Colt appeared and - after having passed our safety steps before entering the datacenter area - mounted the Colt fiber cable through the building into the Core Rack of our datacenter, next to our Cisco Routing equipment.  I have made a photo of the new fiber patchpanel to illustrate this:

              Now the physical connection has been completed and the red (or is it orange?) cable is waiting to be connected to our router. There are only a few steps left until this will be completed, too.  Afterwards, Giga-Hosting and Giga-International will be completely "multi-homed" by different fiber cables led from different directions into the building. This is a great benefit for our customers and although we never had network problems since we moved into our new datacenter one year ago our network will be even more secure and even more stable afterwards.