Number of the month: 22

This time the number of the month represents the number of our 22 state-of-the-art Rittal racks which have been set up for the new colocation servers of our customers.

Each of those 22 Rittal racks is equipped with lockable doors and additional roof ventilation. We have installed these racks during the last months in addition to our existing tower racks and blade racks to be prepared for the increasing demand for server space in our datacenter in 2011.

The following picture demonstrates how our quality racks made in Germany look like:


Number of the month: 1000

Until now we have never presented a "number of the month" in our blog, but I think February is a good month to start with it. This "number of the month" gives us the chance to reveal some more details about our company and our products by using hard facts instead of just telling anything. And, in my opinion, there do exist some really interesting facts which can be presented by using numbers in a very nice way.

Indeed, there are even two reasons why the number of the month February is 1000. At first, I chose this number because there are more than 1000 dedicated server systems up and running in our datacenter so far. Actually, we crossed this line around half a year ago and we're already heading towards the line of 1500 servers. But as there hasn't been a "number of the month" special yet, I didn't want to miss the event of having crossed the number of 1000 servers. =)

Moreover, and this is much more news-worthy, we just achieved the milestone of maintaining more than 1000 v-servers for our customers. It was in the middle of May when we started to offer our new v-server products, thus only a little bit more than 8 months have passed since then. This means that, in average, we have created (and kept) more than 4 new virtual servers for our customers per day since we've been starting to offer them. This number seems quite remarkable to us considering the fact that we hardly do no advertising for our products.
Right now, there are days when we install dozens of new v-servers for our new and existing customers. The number of new server installations increases pretty fast.
Thanks to all of our customers for your loyalty and your confidence in our products! We're definetly going on with our hard work to provide the best products and service for you possible!

And as there are so many new customers day by day, please let me finally announce something for our german blog visitors:
If you're interested in the webhosting business and you think it might be a good idea to join a fast-growing hosting company with a nice team and excellent future prospects in the beautiful city of Munich (where the Oktoberfest is used to take place every year, just to mention one aspect... 😉 ) don't hesitate to contact me! We're looking for new team members on all positions, such as customer support, technical assistance, administration, sales, etc. etc.

Have a really nice week! Your server at Giga-Hosting definetly does =)

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Cooling capacity will be expanded by 150%

Continuing growth of our server fleet does not only require more space. It also demands an expansion of our cooling capacities. Such is necessary to eliminate the electrical energy, which is transformed by our servers almost 1:1 into temperature. During the hot months in summer, everyone has certainly already experienced sometimes the rising temperature in a room where even only a simple PC is operated and has wished for a computer system that behaves "neutral" to the generated warmth. Our datacenter holds way above 1.000 constantly operating server systems by now and directly related to this is the warm air exhaust as one can easily imagine.

Even though our present air conditioning could still cope with many more servers, as it had been originally built to handle up to 1500 servers, we intentionally do not want to bring our recent climate control to it's limit. Instead we are commited to guarantee a failure free system operation around the clock for our clients.

This stands to reason that we will launch the second level of our air conditioning, as scheduled during the next 12 weeks and thereby upgrade the present cooling capacity by another 150%. Afterwards we can set up 2.000 additional dedicated machines while the temperature will remain 'cool' in the true meaning of this word.

Just like before, with our first level of climate control, also this second one will be technology- and enegywise top of the notch. With the assistance of free cooling systems mounted on the rooftop of the building, this new extension will equally use the outside air for cooling down the data center. The water temperatures are being therefore adjusted to a level, that even in summer the free cooling remains active. It will therefore not be necessary, during many times, to engage the power consuming mechanical cooling system. Our new climate control will be working extremely efficient in regards to energy. This not only protects the environment and saves costs, but is also beneficiary to our clients as we directly pass on those savings to them. A 24/7 surveillance of all systems via webserver, smoke detector, water intrusion detection and the like is standard of course.

For the expansion of our cooling capacities we will be setting up a completely isolated cooling circuit, which is operating totally independant from the primary one. This means that we do not only lay all the pipes, but all the electrical wiring another time around. Additionally, recirculating air coolers within the data center itself and a new cold water aggregate on the roof of the building will be installed. The result: Two independent, redundant climate systems by all means.In the most unlikely event that one system should fail - regardless why and which part of it - the other one takes over and keeps on running.

That is how we define high availability and a maximum of safety for the servers of our clients. This upgrade requires again a substantial financial investment which we however pleasantly accept to the benefit of our customers. At the same time, the prices of our servers and services are not raised by a single cent.


Update: Fiber cable (colt) mounted

I already wrote about our new 10 Gbit/s fiber connection via Colt to Telia Sonera which is going to be available at the 1st of July in our datacenter. Today some technicians instructed by Colt appeared and - after having passed our safety steps before entering the datacenter area - mounted the Colt fiber cable through the building into the Core Rack of our datacenter, next to our Cisco Routing equipment.  I have made a photo of the new fiber patchpanel to illustrate this:

Now the physical connection has been completed and the red (or is it orange?) cable is waiting to be connected to our router. There are only a few steps left until this will be completed, too.  Afterwards, Giga-Hosting and Giga-International will be completely "multi-homed" by different fiber cables led from different directions into the building. This is a great benefit for our customers and although we never had network problems since we moved into our new datacenter one year ago our network will be even more secure and even more stable afterwards.


Additional Upstream: 10 Gbit/s Telia

In addition to the already existing, extremely reliable connection via M-Net (10 Gbit/s) there will be yet another 10 Gbit/s connection in our datacenter available from July the 1st on. The additional glass fiber connection will be provided by Colt and is completely seperated from our primary upstream. Colt themselves are located within the building via two access gateways. Such will guarantee a 100% internet connection redundancy of our datacenter. In the most unlikely event that a fibercable is going to be damaged by a excarvator or somehow else, our clients would not even notice any constraints. The second glassfiber connection would be taking over, as in such case our high end CISCO-equipment would route the traffic automatically and without interruptions of service.

To get started, we will have Telia Sonera - a carrier widely known for his quality - serving as our second upstream. Being a TIER1-carrier, Telia Sonera itself features a peering capacity to other providers exceeding 1.700 Gbit/s. 90% of all european broadbandnetworks are connected to the Telia AS. You'll find more details and a map showing the Telia backbone here.

For our customers that means - besides the formerly mentioned redundancy - that they benefit from an even broader internet bandwidth, a remarkably improved worldwide routing by using parallel upstreams and last but definitely not least, a much better price in regards to traffic.
Further, we will offer more upstreams and peerings in the near future.