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Contabo Summer Promotion!

With the beginning of their summer holidays, not only the students in Bavaria today have reasons to celebrate, but also our customers have a reason for celebration.
Since today you get 1 month for free when ordering a Contabo Dedicated Server Core i7 and you don't have to pay any setup fees. Moreover, our customers receive a high-quality hardware RAID controller from 3Ware free of charge.

Order now a Dedicated Server Core i7 because the offer is only valid for a short time.

Contabo server 1 month for free


0 € Setup-Promotion on Contabo Dedicated Servers

As we cannot offer our new server model yet, we would like to provide you with another setup promotion on one of our other dedicated servers in the meantime.

Momentarily both, the Dedicated Server X  and the Dedicated Server Core i7, are  available with no setup fee.

Please find the most important features in the following:

Dedicated Server Core i7


Dedicated Server Core i7:
- Intel Core i7 920 4 x 2.66 GHz
- 12 GB DDR3-RAM
- 2 x 1000 GB HDD
- 100 Mbps switch port
- Unlimited Traffic
Only 79.99 Euro / month!



♡ ★ ♡ 3rd Advent ♡ ★ ♡

Dedicated Server Core i7Today a great suprise is hidden behind our 16th door of the Advent calendar.

We are pleased to reveal another setup promotion:

No Setup Fee! Free Installation for your Dedicated Server Core i7.

The Dedicated Server Core i7 is built for performance. If it is hundreds of MySQL queries per second, hundreds of thousands of homepage visitors per day or the calculation of complex 3D structures - you rarely will find a way to bring this high-end model down to its knees.

Order one of our best models, which features one of the most powerful processors currently available, enormous 12 GB of RAM and two terabytes of space for your data!

Giga-Hosting wishes you all a peaceful Advent season!


♡ ★ ♡ It must be server heaven! ♡ ★ ♡

Dedicated Server Core i7

Saving money is guaranteed with our 15th calendar promotion. Go for our today's offer and spend the extra money on christmas gifts or mulled  wine and punch on christmas market.

Save 10 EUROS - Dedicated Server Core i7 instead of € 99.99 permanently for € 89.99.

For all those who prefer a bigger server model: We waived the setup fee of our Dedicated Server 6-Core.
Have a look on our server overview and choose the right server model for your individual needs.

Dedicated Server Core i7
- Intel Core i7 920 4 x 2.66 GHz
- 12 GB of DDR3 RAM
- 2 x 1000 GB HDD
- 100 Mbps switch port
- Unlimited traffic
- Only 89.99 Euro / month!
Dedicated Server 6-Core
- Intel Core i7 980 6 x 3.20 GHz
- 24 GB DDR3-RAM
- 80 GB Intel Postville SSD
- 2000 GB S-ATA HDD
- 100 Mbps switch port
- Unlimited Traffic
- Only 119.99 Euro / month!