Upgrade: Even more disk space for your data!

Summer Break is finally over and we are back with even more disk space for your crucial data. From now on, our dedicated servers can be upgraded with 6000 GB HDDs – of course these are premium disks designed for 24/7 usage! They offer not just perfect data security but also an unprecedented amount of storage space. Depending on your server, you can add four to six of those „monster disks“ - all of this for just 18.99 Euro per disk and month!

Additionally, we offer you a RAID 10 Bundle „4 x 6TB HDD“ - for a monthly fee of just 99.99 Euro!

Further information can be found on the customize-page of our servers:  Click here!


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Dedicated Server Duo: Now even more HDD and RAM!

Contabo Dedic

We are continuously working on improving our products.

Today the smallest server of our server range has been improved with an upgrade free of charge:
From now on our Dedicated Server Duo is available with more disk space and RAM.


Here are the features:

- Intel Core 2 Duo (2 x 2,13 GHz)
- 4 GB RAM
- 2 x 400 GB HDD
- 100 Mbit/s-Port
- Unlimited Traffic
- Various additional options can be ordered
- Only 59,99 EUR / month!

Order now!

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