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Mounting of additional hard drives in Windows

In this tutorial, we are going to mount an additional hard drive in Windows. As you may notice, we will do so in Windows Server 2012, but the procedure is basically the same with Windows Server 2008.

At first, we need to open a menu by right-clicking the Start button:


We must select Disk Management to open the Disk Management service. If Windows identifies a new hard drive, a pop-up menu opens:


For volumes smaller than 2 TB, we choose MBR, for larger disks, we select GPT. As the hard drive in our example only has a capacity of 100 GB, we'll go with MBR here. By clicking OK, the chosen partition table will be written to the hard disk. After that procedure, we will be sent to the main menu of the Disk Management service. Alternatively, one can reach this overview via Control Panel => Computer Management.


As we can see here, our new hard drive is listed as Disk 1. But before we can use it for storing data, we need to partition and format it. Therefore, we right-click the rectangle next to the box which says Disk 1 and choose New Simple Volume.


A wizard opens. It is quite self-explanatory and you can't do anything wrong by using the pre-selected and suggested values. Per default, the wizard uses the whole disk capacity for the new partition and formats it with the file system NTFS, which is recommended for Windows. Of course, you are free to change those settings, but in our example, we go along with them.


The name of our new partition is STORAGE, but of course you can name it as you wish.

Once you went through the wizard, the new hard drive will be ready to use. It will also be visible in the Explorer:



10 years Contabo in pictures: Part 2

In our last blog post we have already given you an overview about the history of Contabo since its foundation.

Now we would like to move on into 2006. For a better understanding keep again an eye on the chronicle of Contabo:

Contabo through the ages

In March 2006 we opened our first office in the heart of Munich. During a long night session we set up several tables, chairs and computers in our new office which was located in a mixed building with offices and apartments. That’s why it wasn’t really surprising (but for us it somehow was at this moment) when an angry neighbor complained about our noisy furniture assembly and installation.
So we finished our hammering, drilling and screwing at 3 o’clock in the morning and continued on the next day.
Thanks to our apology and a bottle of red wine the domestic peace could be restored again.

According to our former company size our first office was very small and contemplative. Nevertheless, nothing was missing.
Right from the beginning a “Coke”-refrigerator of the brand “Bosch” in 50s retro style had been ordered and has been providing us with refreshments until today. By the way, the purchase price was 700 Euros plus delivery expenses.


Impressions from 2006 of our first office:





Unfortunately, we didn’t stay in the office for a long time although we had been blessed with a delicious food infrastructure like Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut and several Döner restaurants because of its location in the middle of the city center.
We took advantage of the possibility to use a small data center in the middle of Munich operated by the carrier Tiscali with exclusive access to our servers.  Tiscali itself stopped all its business in Germany at this time because they didn’t perform profitably any more. Further details of the Italian telecommunications company which was our partner at that time can be found on Wikipedia.
In 2007 we split all of our servers in two different locations; one was located in Frankfurt and one in Munich. At the same time we moved our office to the former office rooms of Tiscali to operate near our servers. This gave us the possibility, in the event of any server problems, to react instantly at any time.
This relocation was the kick off of our colocation and housing product offers.
From this time, customers had the possibility to colocate their own server hardware in our data center and to benefit from a very fast internet connection, from excellent international routing, redundant air-conditioning and power supply. The number of servers increased rapidly.


Impressions from 2007 of the data center in Munich:






The racks of Rittal shown on the pictures above have been taken over from Tiscali by us later on and are still in use in our data center.


Impressions of our 2nd office at Tiscali:





We left the building in 2009 when we opened our today’s office and data center in Giesing/ Munich.

If you are interested in more details from our past, stay tuned here on our blog. The story will be continued…


10 years Contabo in pictures: Part 1

A few days ago Katharina gave you a detailed overview about the history of Contabo in her blog post “Contabo through the ages! The story so far…”.
Based on the mentioned most important milestones of the past 10 years we are going to publish now and within the next few days some pictures, photos and texts which we have been collecting during the last years.

Let’s have a look again on the chronicle posted by Katharina…
Contabo through the ages

…and let’s go back to the very beginning when we put our first own rack server into operation at our first data center location in “Mainhattan”, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

In 2004 the first machines went online in the commonly known “Redbus Interhouse” at Lyoner Straße 28. At the beginning we just started with a space for 10 (or 15?) servers, but soon, our company had been growing fast, and thus, also the number of servers in our data center.
Not only we have been delighted about our rapid growth, but also our IT service provider who has been responsible for the handling of our hardware on site and who we worked with for more than 4 years, until we left Frankfurt am Main a little bit later.
Within a few months our server farm grew from 10 servers to 100 servers, and until today our business is expanding at an ever-increasing rate.

A few months later our long-term IT service provider decided to open another data center location a few houses away from us in Lyoner Straße 15. It was probably not only our very positive development which was responsible for their new data center, but we certainly have made an important contribution to that. At this time Giga-Hosting/ Contabo occupied the highest numbers of servers in their data center.
Today, 10 years later, the Tier1 carrier and global player “Cogent” has settled down right there, in the same datacenter we had used for many years at that time, with his German headquarter.

In the following you will find some impressions of our time (2004-2008) in Frankfurt am Main:







Our objective has always been to stay responsible for all of our servers. This means, we have chosen all single items and the infrastructure of our servers on our own and ,according to our ideas, we created server systems which were ready-to-use. We worked day and night to deliver our servers to Frankfurt am Main as soon as possible. And believe me, this was really hard work.

The following picture shows our already packaged servers shortly before its transportation to Frankfurt. According to the file attributes the picture was taken in October 2005 at 2:00 AM in the morning.


Giga-Hosting staff often travelled to Frankfurt to support the technicians there. I can warmly recommend “Motel 1” as accommodation because that’s where the team stayed during our visit and it was pretty nice.
It was situated between the airport and the data center and that’s why we haven’t seen a lot of the city during our stay.

This was the view out of our hotel room - we had to be content with a view towards another hotel instead of impressive pictures of the city centre and the famous Frankfurt skyline:

motel_small motel2_small

While we have been focused on the hardware and on the infrastructure of our servers, we took care of one of our most important matters: our product range.
When we started planning our company we agreed on three basic principles which focused on our customers and that have been applied consistently and uncompromisingly to this very day:

1) Discount prices
2) Instant service
3) The customer is king

According to these principles we operated day by day.
We were working hard to continually improve our products like webspace, servers, colocation, domains and its sustainable development. From time to time we offered radical price reductions but always together with high quality products and support.
This concept has been proven for years and it is still our company philosophy.

In the following you will find some impressions of some former marketing promotions and offers:

Giga-Hosting offers


Giga-Hosting offer

Giga-Hosting banner

In March 2006 we opened the first office in Munich for our 1st and 2nd level support department. Since that time our team has been growing constantly.

If you are interested in more details about our history, stay tuned here on our blog. The story will be continued…


High demand for our VPS and Dedicated Servers!

Short after our company name change we reduced the prices of our dedicated and virtual servers and some of our upgrades.
Since last week our high-end server “Dedicated Server X”, which includes a powerful Intel Core i7 3930K processor, 64 GB DDR3-RAM and 256 GB SSD with 6 Gbit/s + 3 TB HDD, can already be ordered at the ridiculously low cost of 109.99 EUR/ month.
Have a look on our server overview at http://contabo.com/?show=servers – our prices of all other servers are quite reasonable as well.

Furthermore, we doubled the performance of our Virtual Private Servers (VPS). From now on, our customers get 16 GB RAM for only 29.99 EUR/ month. These 16 GB RAM are guaranteed to be available, contrary to other offers. You get 100% performance in full!
In addition to that the virtual machine offers 800 GB HDD and 4 cores with 3,2 Ghz each. All together for just 29.99 EUR/ month is a more than excellent cost-benefit ratio, in our opinion.

The consequences of the price reduction are not really very surprising for us but very pleasing. Every day our support team, that is responsible for new customers and for the setup of all ordered hosting products, is doing a great job by providing almost instant setup, usually within a few hours after receipt of payment.

When we checked our new orders today at 10.30 in the morning we already recorded new orders of
- 30 VPS and
- 4 Dedicated Servers.
We are already excited what count we are going to reach at the end of the day ;-).

Parallel to all the new orders the volume of support requests increases. Reasons for that are not because of errors or malfunctions of our server hardware – most of the support enquiries contain individual requests, technical issues and the startup procedure of the servers by the customers.
Even in times when more assistance is required by our customers we are taking care of every phone and email enquiry instantly, often only within a few minutes.
In short: Contabo is able to provide competent instant service and also care for individual requirements someone may have. The office is occupied from 8 am to 11 pm on 365 days a year including holidays and weekends.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our new and existing customers. Thank you for having placed your trust in us! We promise to keep on working hard to provide optimum service in combination with an excellent price performance ratio.
For further questions or a detailed product advice feel free to contact our support team (support@contabo.com). We are looking forward to your request.


★ December 24th. Finally, it’s Christmas time ★

No Setup FeesThanks to our Advent calendar we spent the last 23 days with counting and celebrating the days in anticipation of Christmas. Every day we opened a new door and offered you another special promotion regarding our hosting products.

Today on the 24th December we look back on a very successful year and we are getting a bit in a sentimental mood.
While we are proud of our accomplishments this year, we know that our work is never done. We will continue to be focused and passionate about improving our work.

To honor the day duly, we would like to offer you a special surprise. Behind the last door of our Advent calendar hides another setup promotion. But not, as usual, just for one product!

NO SETUP FEES: Setup fees waived entirely for          all hosting products.

Giga-Hosting wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. We say thank you to all of our customers and promise to keep on working hard.

Look forward with pleasure to 2013; we achieved a lot in 2012 but we have got a lot of plans for the next year. We are pleased to approach many more milestones together with you.



♡ ★ ♡ 4th door ♡ ★ ♡

Just as exciting is the content of our 4th Advent calendar door. Get an additional domain of your choice free of charge together with a Server, VPS or Webspace package.

Top-Level Domains



GIGA V-Servers are called VPS from now on!

Effective of today we change the official name for our virtual servers. Our offered hosting solution V-Server is called VPS from now on. VPS is the shortcut for Virtual Private Server.

After long consideration we have decided on a name change, because our experiences have shown that our customers prefer the more common name VPS, also in their correspondence with us.

Customers of Giga-Interational.com, please note:
You, as our customer, are not affected by this modification, nothing besides the name changes for you.
Please note that the invoices you are receiving from us bear the new product name from now on.


Windows Server 2012 available now!

Just right after the official completion of MICROSOFT's new operating system for server applications - entitled Windows Server 2012 - our technicians have started with working on its evaluation. We have performed numerous functionality tests for our customers and in particular the integration of this new system into our "ASI" (Automatic System Installer) System. We take pride in reporting today:

Windows Server 2012 is now available as an 'upgrade' for all our rootservers and virtual servers alike.

New customers can order Windows Server 2012 directly during the ordering process on our homepage while existing clients simply need to send an email.

Microsoft took the opportunity, given by the launch of this new operating system, to substantially simplify their licensing model and versions offered. Different from it's predecessors Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 it is only available in two versions: The 'standard' and the 'datacenter' edition.

Our customers who rent dedicated servers can now chose between the new version and its fomer predecessors of the 2008 version, and all that in addition to a wide selection of Linux operating systems. Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition is available at only 19.99 EUR per month, the Datacenter Edition costs 99.99 EUR, but is worth every penny as it provides countless advantages.
And what applies to our Windows Server 2008 operating systems is true for Windows Server 2012 as well: Our customers can test the system free of charge for two months during which no additional costs will accumulate.

Clients who rent our virtual machines will be provided with the bigger Datacenter Edition which will be installed upon request at a rate of 6.99 EUR per month. And likewise our virtual servers can be operated with a wide selection of various Linux distributions.

Finally we have taken the opportunity of the launch of Windows Server 2012 to make a concession to all Windows Server 2008 fans out there. The new price for Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition has been reduced from 29.99 EUR to 19.99 EUR per month, when freshly ordered.


-------------------- The same text in german / der gleiche Text auf deutsch: --------------------


Nachdem Microsoft sein neuestes Betriebssystem für Serverumgebungen, Windows Server 2012, im vergangenen Monat offiziell fertig gestellt hat, haben sich unsere Techniker umgehend an die Arbeit gemacht. Wir haben für unsere Kunden zahlreiche Funktionstests und insbesondere auch die Integration des neuen Systems in unser "ASI" (Automatic System Installer) System durchgeführt, so dass wir heute mit Erfolg melden können:

Windows Server 2012 ist ab sofort für all unsere Rootserver und V-Server als Upgrade erhältlich!

Es kann von Neukunden direkt während des Bestellvorganges auf unserer Homepage, von Bestandskunden jederzeit via Email als Upgrade hinzu bestellt werden.

Microsoft hat die Einführung von Windows Server 2012 genutzt, um das Versions- und Lizenzmodell radikal zu vereinfachen. Im Gegensatz zu seinen Vorgängern, Windows Server 2003 und 2008, ist Windows Server 2012 nur noch in zwei Versionen erhältlich, nämlich in der Standard Edition und in der Datacenter Edition.

Kunden unserer dedizierten Server können - neben der üblichen, breiten Auswahl an Linux-Systemen - frei zwischen den beiden neuen Versionen sowie den Vorgänger-Versionen der 2008er Reihe wählen. Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition kostet lediglich 19,99 € pro Monat, die Datacenter Edition schlägt mit 99,99 € etwas teurer zu Buche, bringt allerdings auch zahlreiche Vorteile mit sich.
Genau wie für Windows Server 2008 gilt auch für das neue Windows Server 2012: Unsere Kunden können das System in den ersten beiden Monaten kostenfrei testen, während der ersten beiden Monate fallen keine Zusatzkosten an!

Unseren V-Server-Kunden stellen wir von Haus aus die größere Datacenter Edition zur Verfügung, die auf Wunsch für nur 6,99 € / Monat installiert wird. Auch für unsere V-Server steht daneben weiterhin die übliche, breite Auswahl an Linux-Systemen zur Verfügung.

Schließlich haben wir die Neueinführung von Windows Server 2012 noch genutzt, um auch den Liebhabern von Windows Server 2008 etwas Gutes zu tun: Der Preis für die Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition beträgt für neue Bestellungen ab sofort nur noch 19,99 € / Monat statt bisher 29,99 € / Monat.


A customer’s gift for Giga-International

One of our customers has created a gift for us. He created a really nice website including a flash movie about us:


He presented it to us with the words "And I'm Proud To Be One Of Giga-International Customers".

You can imagine how happy we are having received this amazing animation. Thank you so much!!

This gift is definetly an appeal for us to keep up our efforts in order to provide really good services and products to all of our customers.


New GIGA rootserver: Why Intel beats AMD

We had announced it already during the past days. Giga-International will be offering a new server model shortly. Being the new highend model this new server will enter a frontline position of Giga Hostings server fleet, so to speak.
In this case, the decisive factor for choosing the hardware of our new 'flagship' was our main goal to concentrate the best possible performance in one machine. Strength, energy, power. Nothing but these attributes had to be realized.
Having the choice of two servers, branded David and Goliath, we wanted to offer the huge, strong Goliath. Poor little David may go playing with his slingshot somewhere else. Regardless to the costs, we were determined to offer a true 'power pack' which copes with any applications for a long long time.

Naturally enough, the essential role in the efficiency of a server plays its "heart", the processor.
Quite often, in that area, you're cought between a rock and a hard place. AMD or Intel. Who offers the better processor at a more attractive price/performance ratio?

Vital support in answering this question was provided from professionals whose opinion we always relied upon: Our customers
We had placed a questionaire right here in this Blog and had introduced both - in our opinion - most efficient and pricewise pretty similar models of Intel and AMD for making a pick and asked our customers and prospects for their vote.
From the very beginning one could tell that the Intel processor (Intel Core i7 3930X with six cores at 3,20 GHz each and HT) would pass the AMD-Processor (AMD Opteron 6272 with 16 cores at 2,1 GHz each). In the end, the Intel processor won the race with a 55% acceptance. Not a giant advance, however to us, a first hint.

At a second level it took us to build both systems (in otherwise same configuration) and to test the true measurable power of both processors, supported by benchmarks. The result of the benchmarks: Fair, undisputable - and a crystal clear pin pointing again to Intel. Each test conducted under the latest CentOS version supported the opinion of our customers who had decided for the Intel processor already in advance.
In Unixbench, for instance, the Intel Core i7 3930K achieved values three times better than the AMD processor, in single-core-operation. These who had thought that the Opteron 6272 with it's remarkable 16 cores will outrule the Intel Core i7 3930K when it comes to multicore operation were unfortunately proven wrong. Even in that category the Intel processor produced twice as good results. Even the variety with and without 'filycopy' in both scenarios did not change the clear decision pro Intel.

After all a pretty explicit score. The majority of our questonaire participants voted for the Intel processor and the benchmarks conducted by us make the AMD processor look "knocked out" in comparison.

This is a pity for our marketing department though. It would have been sheer pleasure to promote a 16-Core dedicated server, whose mainboard had even posessed an integrated KVM-over-IP function, and it would have definitely gained publicity. But in that case, we are much more focussed on true, measurable, pure performace and customer satisfaction in regards to our new top model.

In terms of marketing, this Intel Core i7 3930K with it's 6 Cores may not shine as bright as his AMD twin, but provides exactly what our customers and we have wished for: Power, energy, strength, and more processing capabilities as any other server had before. All these attributes are from now on combined and related to one single key only in the name of our new server Goliath:

Dedicated Server X

Watch out, it is coming your way.

------------------ The same text in german / Der gleiche Text in deutsch: ------------------

Wir haben es bereits in den letzten Tagen angekündigt: Giga-Hosting wird in Kürze ein neues Servermodell anbieten. Der neue Server wird sich als neues Highend-Modell sozusagen an die Spitze der GIGA-Nahrungskette setzen.
Ausschlaggebend für die Wahl der Hardware unseres neuen Flaggschiffs war dabei allein das Ziel, die bestmögliche Leistung in einer Maschine zu bündeln. Stärke, Energie, Kraft. Nichts anderes als diese Substantive galt es umzusetzen.
Wenn wir zwei Server zur Wahl haben, die David und Goliath heißen, dann wollen wir den großen, starken Goliath anbieten. Der kleine David kann mit seiner Steinschleuder zu Hause bleiben. Wir wollen unseren Kunden ein Kraftpaket anbieten, das für alle Anwendungen für eine lange Zeit gerüstet sein wird - koste es, was es wolle.

Eine entscheidende Rolle für die Leistungsfähigkeit eines Servers spielt natürlich immer sein Herz: Der Prozessor.
Wie so oft steht man in diesem Bereich vor der Qual der Wahl: AMD oder Intel? Wer hat den besseren Prozessor zum besseren Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis?

Eine entscheidende Hilfestellung zu dieser Frage haben wir zunächst von den Fachleuten erhalten, deren Meinung uns am Wichtigsten ist: Von unseren Kunden.
Wir haben in einer Umfrage hier im Blog die beiden unserer Meinung nach effizientesten und gleichzeitig preislich recht ähnlichen Modelle von Intel und AMD zur Wahl gestellt und unsere Kunden und Interessenten gefragt, für welchen Typ sie sich entscheiden würden. Von Anfang an hat sich dabei ein Vorsprung für den Intel-Prozessor (Intel Core i7 3930X with six cores at 3,20 GHz each and HT) gegenüber dem AMD-Prozessor (AMD Opteron 6272 with 16 cores at 2,1 GHz each) herauskristallisiert. Am Ende gewann der Intel-Prozessor mit 55 % Zustimmung die Umfrage. Kein riesiger Vorsprung, für uns aber doch ein erster Ansatzpunkt.

Im zweiten Schritt galt es beide Systeme (in sonst gleicher Ausstattung) zu bauen und mit Hilfe von Benchmarks die wahre, messbare Leistungsfähigkeit der beiden Prozessoren zu testen.
Gesagt, getan. Das Ergebnis der Benchmarks: Fair, unbestechlich - und ein glasklarer, weiterer Fingerzeig zu Intel.
Alle Tests, die wir unter dem jeweils neuesten CentOS durchgeführt haben, gaben der Mehrheit unserer Kunden recht, die sich schon vorab für den Intel-Prozessor ausgesprochen hatten.
Im Unixbench etwa erreichte der Intel Core i7 3930K im Single-Core-Betrieb nahezu 3 mal bessere Werte als der AMD-Prozessor.
Doch wer dachte, spätestens im Multi-Core-Betrieb kann der AMD Opteron 6272 mit seinen beachtlichen 16 Kernen seine Stärken ausspielen, hat sich leider getäuscht: Auch hier schnitt der Intel-Prozessor im Vergleich etwa doppelt so gut ab. In beiden Fällen änderte die Variante mit oder ohne "filycopy" nichts an diesem klaren Resultat pro Intel.

Alles in allem ein deutliches Gesamtergebnis: Die Mehrheit der Teilnehmer unserer Umfrage entschied sich für den Intel-Prozessor und die von uns durchgeführten Benchmarks zeigten, dass im Vergleich der AMD-Prozessor alt aussieht.
Schade zwar für unser Marketing: Mit einem "Dedicated Server 16-Core", dessen Mainboard sogar schon über eine integrierte KVM-over-IP Funktion verfügt hätte, hätten wir sicherlich nur allzu gern geworben und so manche interessierte Blicke auf das Modell gezogen.

Doch da ist uns die echte, messbare, pure Leistung und die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden mit unserem neuen Topmodell doch um einiges wichtiger. Der Intel Core i7 3930K mag in puncto Marketing mit seinen 6 Kernen nicht so glänzen wie sein AMD-Pendant. Gleichwohl bietet er genau das, was unsere Kunden und wir uns gewünscht haben: Kraft, Energie, Stärke, mehr Prozessorleistung als je zuvor. Und all diese Begriffe soll ab sofort nur ein einfacher Buchstabe im Namen des neuen Server-Goliaths symbolisieren:

Dedicated Server X

Bald ist es soweit.