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CHIP Hotline-Test 2019: “A+” grade for Contabo

Once again, we have great news from inside Contabo: This year, too, the well-known German IT magazine CHIP and the research institution Statista have tested the hotlines of German providers during the past months. After more than 8.900 test calls the best hotlines for new customers were determined among 147 companies from 12 industries.

We are very happy that we were awarded with the overall rating “very good” in the category "hosting providers" this year again, after winning the competition last year. The detailed rating for Contabo:

Overall rating: Very good (96.7 out of 100 points)
Service quality: Very good (99 out of 100 points)
Waiting time: Very good (99 out of 100 points)
Reachability: Good (87 out of 100 points)
Transparency: Very good (90 out of 100 points)

We finished second among the 15 tested hosting providers, with a total of 96.7 points – 0.1 points behind the first place (96.8 points).

Receiving the A-grade for our hotline the second year in a row is a huge honor for our entire team. At the same time, it is motivation for us to continue to offer you, our valued customers the best support possible in every situation.

As always, you can contact us by phone directly via a standard landline number, without any hotline fees, queues or complex menu selection – on 365 days per year.

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CHIP Hotline-Test: First place for us!

Again CHIP, a well-known German IT magazine, has conducted a comprehensive, two-month-long study to test the customer hotlines of more than 170 companies from different industries, including web hosting. After we were awarded the trophy in the category “speed” last year, we finished in first place in the category “speed / waiting time” this year!

During the study period CHIP, together with the market research institution Statista, has called all tested hosting providers up to 100 times. The result is clear: No other hosting provider could be reached faster by (potential) customers via telephone. In other words, we have the shortest waiting time on the phone!


Winning the title twice in two years, it is not just a huge honor but also a high motivation for us to three-peat next year! In addition the award proves that one of our corporate goals, customer satisfaction, is consequently pursued every single day.

Of course we remain available by phone directly via landline number – at any time, without any hotline fees, queues and complex menu selection – on 365 days per year.

Further information and an overview of our awards can be found here!

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CHIP hotline test: top rank for Contabo

Having been awarded by Deloitte last week, Contabo was honored this week once again.

CHIP, a well-known IT magazine in Germany, has tested 250 different customer hotlines in different categories by means of several test calls over a period of three months.

As part of the CHIP “Hotline Test 2015” Contabo actually emerges as the winner in the category “speed” among several tested hosting providers from Germany. No other hosting provider than Contabo was available within so many different times of day and night and was able to offer such a fast reaction time to its customers.

Even beyond the category “speed” our service could convince the neutral testers of CHIP. Among 15 tested hosting providers our service hotline has achieved the 2nd place.

High customer satisfaction is one of the most important corporate goals of Contabo. This award is a proof that we are on the right track to achieve this goal. For us, it represents a further incentive to continue giving everything for our customers.

As always, we remain available by phone directly via landline number - at any time, without any hotline fees, queues and menu selection.


From the everyday life of a Giga-International supporter….

telephone with Question markIt really needs to be said here - we have real full-blooded supporter in our team who strive with heart and soul for the welfare of our customers. And that's not always easy - as you can imagine.
It really takes some good nerves to calm down a choleric customer on the other side of the phone, or to explain a Linux beginner the complex world of Linux in order to serve its Linux-based operating system.

But the job also has many funny sides, and one of them I would like to tell you briefly:
Some time ago there was a special request in our ticket system:

Hello Giga-International team,
I have got an idea: What would you say if I am getting a tattoo that shows the logo or URL of Giga-International, for example on my arm, neck or temple. If you are interested in my plan what would it be worth to you. The tattoo, your logo or your URL, would be decorating my body for the rest of my life. It would be a very lucrative advertising space, since I travel a lot and this would attract much attention, and certainly this will bring you many new customers.

I am looking forward to your answer.
Kind regards
(name is not mentioned here)

After a brief consideration our supporter wrote back as follows:

Dear Mr 
Thank you kindly for your quite interesting offer to act as a living billboard for Giga-International. Besides the aspect of a contractually permitted assault and its possibly juristic consequences, our marketing team would surely have a hard time in deciding which part of your body would qualify best of bearing the tattoo. We safe ourselves from discussions of this type and hope for your understanding if we pass your friendly offer.

If you have any further questions or we can be of help elsewhere, please let us know.
Best Regards
Your Giga-International Team

The supreme principle of a supporter: Always remain calm, competent and friendly no matter how absurd, outrageous, dubious, funny, incredibly the customer’s request is. Everyone who is able to follow this rule has all that it takes to become good supporter.

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