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Ordering additional IP-addresses: Now even more possible!

get additional IPv4 adresses
You probably all might be aware of the scarcity of IPv4 addresses on the Internet. That's why we had to limit the distribution of IPv4 to a maximum of 10 additional address to our customers.

On high demand from our customers, we realized its importance for them, so we have made some more bulk of IPv4 available for them.
As of now our customers can take advantage of this offer and order additonal IPs.

Depending upon the product they have, they can order up to 100 IPs.
If you own a VPS then you can order up to 20 additional IPs.
If you own a dedicated server you can order up to 100 additional IPs. The cost of each additional IP is 2.00 EUR, the main IP of course is free of cost.

A convincing reason for such a high amount of additional IPs has to be provided at the time of order as we want to restrict the usage of these IPs for spamming purpose. A perfect reason could be for example: if you have a Dedicated Server Dual Xeon with us and have to use it for virtualizaton purpose - then it would make sense to get additional 100 IPv4.


IPv6 now available for all our customers

IPv6We are happy to announce the introduction of IPv6 in our network. IPv6 is the successor to IPv4. Normally, when talking about an ip address, one means an IPv4 address.

An example for an IPv4 address would be An example for an IPv6 address would be 2a02:c200:0000:0010:0000:0000:1231:0001.

IPv6 is entirely optional, meaning you can use it, but you do not have to. For your server, nothing changes - but if you want to, you can activate IPv6 in addition to your existing IPv4 addresses from now on.

Each VPS, each dedicated server and each colocation server has received 65535 (!) IPv6 addresses from Contabo, an entire /112 network. With IPv4, the address space is very limited, considering today's requirements. IPv6 does not have this problem, an enormous amount of addresses exists. We pass this advantage on to our customers: All IPv6 adresses are completely free of charge!

Further details and instructions on how to enable IPv6 on your server have been published in a blog article: http://blog.contabo.com/tutorials/adding-ipv6-connectivity-to-your-server/

Important: You can only reach your server's IPv6 addresses from your local computer if IPv6 is enabled in your local network and with your Internet connection. Otherwise you will not be able to reach them from your computer, even if you have configured everything correctly on your server.

We wish you much success with IPv6!

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