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★ December 24th. Finally, it’s Christmas time ★

No Setup FeesThanks to our Advent calendar we spent the last 23 days with counting and celebrating the days in anticipation of Christmas. Every day we opened a new door and offered you another special promotion regarding our hosting products.

Today on the 24th December we look back on a very successful year and we are getting a bit in a sentimental mood.
While we are proud of our accomplishments this year, we know that our work is never done. We will continue to be focused and passionate about improving our work.

To honor the day duly, we would like to offer you a special surprise. Behind the last door of our Advent calendar hides another setup promotion. But not, as usual, just for one product!

NO SETUP FEES: Setup fees waived entirely for          all hosting products.

Giga-Hosting wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. We say thank you to all of our customers and promise to keep on working hard.

Look forward with pleasure to 2013; we achieved a lot in 2012 but we have got a lot of plans for the next year. We are pleased to approach many more milestones together with you.



♡ ★ ♡ It’s the final Countdown ♡ ★ ♡

Webspace XXLChristmas is coming and we are getting more and more excited - there are just two more doors to open and then, finally, it's Christmas.

Our today's offer:

No Setup fee! Free Installation for your Webspace Package XXL.

This premium package breaks all boundaries: It is literally limitless! Create as many MySQL-databases, email addresses, FTP-accounts, subdomains or additional domains as you wish – and manage them with 60 GB of webspace and unlimited traffic!

Also included: A guestbook, a chat, a gallery for your pictures, the blogging-tools 'WordPress' and 'b2evolution', the Bulletin Boards 'phpBB 3' and 'YaBB', nine different content management systems (e. g. 'Mambo', 'PostNuke', 'PhpWiki') and three different e-commerce-solutions (e. g. 'osCommerce') - all that already prepared for you and available on your homepage with just one click!

And all it takes are just 9.99 EURO/ month.


♡ ★ ♡ 3rd Advent ♡ ★ ♡

Dedicated Server Core i7Today a great suprise is hidden behind our 16th door of the Advent calendar.

We are pleased to reveal another setup promotion:

No Setup Fee! Free Installation for your Dedicated Server Core i7.

The Dedicated Server Core i7 is built for performance. If it is hundreds of MySQL queries per second, hundreds of thousands of homepage visitors per day or the calculation of complex 3D structures - you rarely will find a way to bring this high-end model down to its knees.

Order one of our best models, which features one of the most powerful processors currently available, enormous 12 GB of RAM and two terabytes of space for your data!

Giga-Hosting wishes you all a peaceful Advent season!


♡ ★ ♡ Managed Server Upgrade ♡ ★ ♡

Managed Server Upgrade

Behind of today's door hides a special surprise: Turn your root server into a managed server.

"Managed Server Upgrade" worth € 99.99.             1 month for free for every Dedicated Server ordered.


The following support activities are included in the offer:

- Our technical support takes care of the security, updates and the stability of the server system
- Extended customer support
- System and hardware optimization
- Software installation and configuration
- Implementing security patches
- Kernel upgrades
- Emergency problem resolution
- Ongoing OS and control panel updates
- Setting up a backup routine

If you would like to keep on using the upgrade after the free month please don't hesitate to contact our support team (customer support).


♡ ★ ♡ Behind the 9th door…♡ ★ ♡

Webspace L_no setup... hides another big surprise. Perhaps today your hosting desire comes true?

Today we don't charge any setup fees when ordering Webspace Package L.

Thanks to its 20 GB of webspace, unlimited traffic, PHP, CGI, and 20 MySQL databases there are no limits to your creativity, neither in the private nor in the business sector.

Quickly get a hold of your Webspace Package L - because you'll never know - perhaps this has been our last setup promotion?


♡ ★ ♡ Every day a new offer ♡ ★ ♡

VPS XL: No Setup feeWe have opened the 8th door of our Online Advent calendar. Today it's the turn of our virtual machines again after offering a 2-for-1 promotion on our webspace packages yesterday.

All those who have been longing for the next VPS promotion have their lucky day:

Finally, we waived the setup-fees of our VPS XL.

Order our best virtual machine, which features enormous 12 GB of RAM, 600 GB of storage and, of course, unlimited traffic!

We are looking forward to your order!


♡ ★ ♡ 4th door ♡ ★ ♡

Just as exciting is the content of our 4th Advent calendar door. Get an additional domain of your choice free of charge together with a Server, VPS or Webspace package.

Top-Level Domains



The Online Advent calendar is available: 24 discount promotions for you!

Contabo X-Mas Christmas is close and this year we offer a very special pre-Christmas promotion for you: As of 1st December, we open the first door of our digital Advent calendar that will make the heart of every hosting prospective beat faster.

24 doors are waiting to be opened and to surprise with different offers and promotions from the hosting sector.
Each day a new highlight is hidden behind the door, which matches with everyone’s demands and desired preferences.

No matter which hosting solution one is interested in - with our Advent calender promotion the desired hosting solution gets even more attractive. More details about all the special daily offers are yet to be revealed, but we warmly recommend you to take a look every day at our calendar and to open the available doors. Only that much is unfolded: Anyone can make the product of his choice a little sweeter with additional features or price reductions.

The online Advent Calendar is available on the our company website. All relevant details on the various hosting products and promotions are available there as well.

Have fun and stay tuned!