Available now: Windows Server 2016

Not long ago, Microsoft officially launched its latest operating system for server systems, Windows Server 2016. We immediately went to work and performed numerous functionality tests and thus ensured a smooth integration in our systems. Today we can finally say:

Windows Server 2016 is available as an upgrade for all our root servers and VPS with 100% SSD!

As you already know from Windows Server 2012, you can once again choose between the Standard Edition and the Datacenter Edition when ordering Windows Server 2016.

If you are a new customer or place an additional order, you can select Windows Server 2016 as your operating system during the order process on our homepage. We kindly ask existing customers to send a short e-mail to our support department, then we will process the upgrade manually.

So what are the costs of Windows Server 2016 at Contabo?

The most important thing first: As a special service for our customers, we offer Windows Server 2016 free of charge for the first two months - for every root server customer. In other words:
No costs apply for the use of Windows Server 2016 on a root server within the first two months.

If you opt for a root server at Contabo, you are free to choose between the two new versions as well as the previous versions of Windows Server 2012 – in addition to a broad selection of Linux distributions. For most of our Dedicated Servers, Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition is available for 39.99€ per month (from the 3rd month onwards, free of charge before). The Datacenter Edition is a bit more expensive with a monthly fee of 279.99€ (from the 3rd month onwards, free of charge before); however, it offers the ambitious user additional possibilities, as for example in the field of virtualization.

If you decide to order one of our VPS with 100% SSD disk space and add Windows Server 2016 as your operating system of choice, you automatically receive the premium Datacenter Edition. It is available from 5.99€ per month for our VPS – the eventual monthly fee depends on the chosen VPS model. Of course, all available Linux distributions can be selected as the operating system for your VPS as well.

Order your new Contabo VPS or root server with Windows Server 2016 today!


Upgrading Plesk from 12.5 to Onyx

With this short tutorial we will show you how to upgrade your Plesk 12.5 version to Plesk Onyx.

Before proceeding you should perform a backup of all important data. An upgrade always bears the risk of data loss.

On an SSD VPS you will have the ability to create a snapshot, creating a snapshot will give you the possibility to perform easily a rollback to the state "before upgrading".

On any other VPS or dedicated server we recommend downloading all backup files to your local PC or to our FTP backupspace.

After you have saved all important data you will be able to continue upgrading:


1. Login via SSH and use sudo -i to start a shell with "root" privileges
2. Type in the following command:

plesk installer

If this command is not working, you can download and execute the installer using the following commands:

wget http://autoinstall.plesk.com/plesk-installer
chmod +x plesk-installer


1. Login via RDP and open the CMD.exe with Administrator rights (Windows-Key + R)
2. Type in the following command:

"%plesk_bin%"\ai.exe --console

Once you have opened the Plesk Installer you will probably see a warning telling you to backup all your important files.


After you have agreed you should see something like the image below, there should be displayed your current version of Plesk; if you want to perform the upgrade you will have to select the right version by typing the correct number, in this case number 2.


After typing in the number of your desired Plesk installation you will accept the download of those new packages. Please note that this step can take up to 30 minutes, it really depends on the Plesk extensions you have installed.


After the upgrade was completed you should verify that everything is working properly.

If you plan to install additional software or change some software you can of course run the Plesk Installer again and select the packages which should be installed.


We kindly ask for your understanding that analyzing problems can be very difficult for us, in case you encounter issues after having added or removed some software through the Plesk Installer. In any case we recommend backing up all your files before making any changes to your Plesk installation.

By the way: Plesk offers tutorials about the upgrade process as well, just click here to access the Plesk University!

There is also the option to start a clean reinstallation of your server with the latest version of Plesk within your customer control panel, in this case creating a backup of your important data prior to the installation is vital, because all data stored on your server will be lost.



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New server model? Your opinion matters!

Recently, there have been some new hardware releases which also could be very interesting for possible new dedicated server offers. Once again, we would like to ask for your feedback on the following alternatives.

Given the choice between the following options, which server would you buy?

View Results

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Each of these servers can be equipped with any combination of SSDs/HDDs. You can choose freely. These would be possible prices:

2 TB HDD: 3.49 EUR per month
3 TB HDD: 4.49 EUR per month
4 TB HDD: 6.49 EUR per month
256 GB SSD: 7.99 EUR per month
500 GB SSD: 12.49 EUR per month

We would be thrilled to hear why you would prefer one of them over the other. Or is there an entirely different configuration which you would be interested in? Feel free to post in the comments for this.

Looking forward to hearing from you :-)!



System Rescue CD: First Steps

sysresccd login

Many of you have already heard about it or even used it once in a while, but most of you have probably not been introduced to it yet: Our rescue system! While hopefully not being needed at all, it provides many possibilities to fix certain problems and to bring the machine back online as soon as possible. When the server is down, every second counts. It is important to know what to do beforehand. Thus, I will provide you with some basic information first:

Our rescue system is based on the SystemRescueCD. This is a specialised Linux distribution for recovery purposes. I can highly recommend it for private usage as well. I always carry a bootable thumb drive with me ;). The rescue system starts on our servers via PXE network boot. This has several advantages:

  • It is available as long as the server is connected to our network.
  • It is always accessible with the same known login credentials.
  • It boots isolated from the operating system and its settings.

The rescue system can be chosen for Dedicated Servers or VPS's in your Customer Control Panel. After clicking on the rescue icon, a new page opens with a short info text and the version control. The version should match the operating system. This is 64 bit in most cases. Once you click on "Start rescue system", your server will reboot right away.

The system will be available after a few minutes via SSH under the server IP and the default port 22. The root password is the default one that we have sent you when you ordered the server. We can send you that e-mail again if necessary. We recommend PuTTy (command line) and WinSCP (file transfer) as Windows clients.

You will probably need access to your data. Check first which partitions are available:

fdisk -l

The root file system is usually located on /dev/sda2 or /dev/vda2. Use the following command to mount the according partition:

mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/custom

Your server files are now available in /mnt/custom.

If you use Windows as operating system on your server, our rescue system can be helpful despite the different architecture. The C: drive is usually located on /dev/sda2 or /dev/vda2. The command to mount it with write access is a bit different:

ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt/windows

You are now set to modify configuration files or to retrieve personal data. WinSCP is perfect for those purposes.

When you have finished your work and want to boot your server normally again, enter the following commands:


Your server should then boot from the hard disk again and be available as usual.

This was supposed to be a short introduction. Becoming familiar with the Linux shell and its possibilities is very advantageous. I can definitely recommend the tutorials on nixCraft for further reading.

More tutorials for certain procedures will follow, so stay tuned!


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♡ ★ ♡ December 20th ♡ ★ ♡

Dedicated Server XStrength, power, energy. So many words for just a single letter:
Dedicated Server X

Watch out - this offer is available only today!

Save 10 Euros - Dedicated Server X instead of 149.99 EUR permanently for 139.99 EUR.

The server delivers the highest performance that we had offered so far - it is characterized primarily by ultimate speed and ultimate power.

Convince yourself:
Intel Core i7 3930K 6 x 3.20 GHz (Sandy Bridge-E)
- 64 GB DDR3-RAM
- 256 GB SSD (Samsung 830)
- 3000 GB S-ATA HDD
- 100 Mbps switch port
- Unlimited Traffic


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“I’m thinking about continuing & renewing my server. EVERYTHING JUST, BECAUSE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS GREAT”

On some day during the last week a very good customer who has been renting a Dedicated Server in our datacenter wrote us that he did not necessarily need the server at this time anymore, because the gameserver project he wanted to develop failed. No more need for a dedicated server you might think at this point. But did this great customer cancel the server with Giga-International.com due to vacany? Never ever! Have a look on the email conversation between the customer and our support department by yourself:

"How important I am for you guys?

Just asking, because I'm bored. My gameserver hasn't been finished yet since there's no
players and server is useless for me at this time, but I would like to continue with my
server if there's something to do with it. Actually yes. There is, but I've to develop
everything from starting point.
Tell me. Do I continue? :3

Giga-International support department:
Dear Mr <customer's name>,
Thank you very much for your inquiry.
Please take note that unfortunately we are not really sure what exactly you want us to do.
Therefore we would kindly ask you to paraphrase your message and send it to us once again.
As soon as we receive your e-mail we will immediately respond back to you.
We are looking forward to receiving your soonest reply.
If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,
Kundenservice / Customer support

I'm thinking about continuing & renewing my payment. EVERYTHING JUST, BECAUSE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS GREAT...
I do not necessarily need server at this time, because I don't have any gameservers that I
can run there, but I'll renew my payment and I can try think some gameservers. I can not
ever hope to be succeed with my gameservers. I'm losing my hope, because no one plays
there ever, but I think I'll buy at least a one month more of the server I already have.
If I don't try... I cannot be succeed.
Any great ideas what to do with dedicated? 🙂
Thanks! I'm always happy about this support. It's reliable, fast and really nice people

That's what we call a great loyalty - we really appreciate having so kind and content customers! 🙂

I'd like to thank our nice customer that he gave me his permission to mention this incident in our blog.


A customer’s gift for Giga-International

One of our customers has created a gift for us. He created a really nice website including a flash movie about us:


He presented it to us with the words "And I'm Proud To Be One Of Giga-International Customers".

You can imagine how happy we are having received this amazing animation. Thank you so much!!

This gift is definetly an appeal for us to keep up our efforts in order to provide really good services and products to all of our customers.


Our third 10Gbit/s upstream (Level 3) is online

Just a short confirmation: In December 2011 we said that we are going to expand our upstreams with an additional, high-quality carrier: Level 3.

This has been completed in March 2012. Thus, since the 1st of April we've been online with 3 x 10 Gbit/s including Level 3, Telia Sonera International Carrier and M-Net.

All of our customers get the best routes available within the networks of those three carriers automatically.

Indeed: All the servers of our customers have a really nice routing worldwide 🙂


V-Servers now equipped with more power!

While super models are presently strolling down the catwalks in TV-shows true beauties can still be discovered at our company.

Giga-International.com had not been afraid of any expenses and efforts to present their top notch virtual servers „L“ and „XL“ even more attractive on the virtual catwalk, starting today. So we have silently boosted the hardware of our hostsystems during the past couple of weeks to present you here and now with an upgrade which does all honour to haute couture in Milan and Paris.

Giga-International presents: The GIGA virtual servers in a new outfit!

    • V-Server M
    • CPU: One core, single priority
    • RAM: 2 GB guaranteed
    • HDD: 100 GB
    • Uplink: 100 Mbit/s
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Only 9,99 EUR / month
    • Minimum contract period 1 month
    • V-Server L
    • CPU: Two cores, double priority
    • RAM: 6 GB guaranteed
    • HDD: 300 GB
    • Uplink: 100 Mbit/s
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Only 19,99 EUR / month
    • Minimum contract period 1 month
    • V-Server XL
    • CPU: Four cores, quadruple priority
    • RAM: 12 GB guaranteed
    • HDD: 600 GB
    • Uplink: 100 Mbit/s
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Only 39,99 EUR / month
    • Minimum contract period 1 month

We proudly present our new root server model “GIGA Dedicated Server X”

It has been announced already here and as a countdown on facebook, but now, it’s really official:
Today we are introducing a new root server model in our product portfolio named "GIGA Dedicated Server X". Some of you may think now: "Ok, this is a new server with a little bit more power!" But that would be a real understatement. Because we really used just the best equipment, that is available for servers on the market.

Following our company motto "Think Bigger, Think Giga", the new server delivers the highest performance that we had offered so far - it is characterized primarily by ultimate speed and ultimate power; this makes the heart beat faster of every user.

Convince yourself!
The server was equipped just with selected hardware. This includes a 256 GB SSD of the 830 series from Samsung, a RAM upgrade to 64 GB of RAM from Corsair and a 3000 GB hard drive.
The Intel Core i7-3930K processor with 3.2 GHz clock speed and 12 MB of L3 cache is based on the revised "Sandy Bridge E" architecture and is a native hexa-core CPU for high-end operation. The CPU Core i7 3000 series uses the Socket-2011 platform, and offers thanks to many improvements, e.g. a larger cache and high-performance quad-channel memory interface with DDR3-1600 support, a significant performance increase over the Core ™ i7 Processors 2000 series.

For sensational 149.99 EUR per month, the GIGA Dedicated Server X is set up within 24 hours from receipt of payment by Giga-Hosting.

And that's not all by a long shot:
In addition to this unspeakably fair rates, the high-end model is available without any setup fee and without a minimum contract period during the product launch.

So please announce the Good News!


-----------------The same text in german / Der gleiche Text in deutsch: -------------------

Voller stolz präsentieren wir Euch heute unser neues Server-Modell, den "GIGA Dedicated Server X"!

Wir haben es ja hier bereits schon angekündigt, auf Facebook haben wir einen Countdown gestartet und heute darf ich Euch die frohe Botschaft endlich verkünden.

Seit heute führen wir ein neues Rootserver-Modell in unserem Produktportfolio mit dem Namen „GIGA Dedicated Server X”. Viele von Euch werden sich nun vielleicht denken: “Ok, das ist ein neuer Server mit etwas mehr Leistung!" Aber das wäre wirklich etwas untertrieben, denn in unserem neuen Servermodell wurde nur das Beste vom Besten verbaut.

Ganz nach unserem Firmenmotto „Think Bigger, think Giga“ bietet der Server die höchste Leistung, die Giga-Hosting jemals im Angebot hatte – er zeichnet sich vor allem durch ultimative Geschwindigkeit und ultimative Power aus und lässt somit das Herz eines jeden Nutzers höher schlagen.

Überzeugt Euch selbst!
Der Server wurde nur mit ausgewählter Hardware ausgestattet. Zum Einsatz kommt eine 256 GB SSD der 830er Serie von Samsung, ein RAM Upgrade auf 64 GB RAM von G.Skill sowie eine 3000 GB Festplatte.
Der Intel Core i7-3930K Prozessor mit 3,2 GHz Taktfrequenz und 12 MByte L3-Cache basiert auf der überarbeiteten "Sandy Bridge E"-Architektur und ist eine native Hexa-Core-CPU für den High-End-Betrieb. Die CPU aus der Core i7 3000er-Serie setzt auf die Sockel-2011-Plattform und bietet dank vieler Optimierungen, einem größeren Cache und leistungsfähigen Quad-Channel-Speicherinterface mit DDR3-1600-Support eine deutliche Leistungssteigerung gegenüber den Core i7 Prozessoren der 2000er-Serie.

Für sensationelle 149,99 EUR pro Monat kann der GIGA Dedicated Server X ab sofort innerhalb von 24 Stunden ab Zahlungseingang bei uns eingerichtet werden.

Und das ist längst nicht alles!
Zusätzlich zu diesem unsagbar günstigen Preis ist das High-End Modell zur Produkteinführung ohne Einrichtungsgebühr und Mindestvertragslaufzeit erhältlich.

Also liebe Leute – geht raus und verkündet die frohe Botschaft.



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