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New server model? Your opinion matters!

Recently, there have been some new hardware releases which also could be very interesting for possible new dedicated server offers. Once again, we would like to ask for your feedback on the following alternatives.

Given the choice between the following options, which server would you buy?

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Each of these servers can be equipped with any combination of SSDs/HDDs. You can choose freely. These would be possible prices:

2 TB HDD: 3.49 EUR per month
3 TB HDD: 4.49 EUR per month
4 TB HDD: 6.49 EUR per month
256 GB SSD: 7.99 EUR per month
500 GB SSD: 12.49 EUR per month

We would be thrilled to hear why you would prefer one of them over the other. Or is there an entirely different configuration which you would be interested in? Feel free to post in the comments for this.

Looking forward to hearing from you :-)!



Upgrades: Reduced prices and new options!

A few days ago, we drastically reduced the prices of our dedicated servers and virtual servers to provide even more powerful hosting solutions at an unbeatable price.

The server upgrades are next in line. During the order process of a new server, our customers can upgrade the basic configuration of the server according to their wishes and requirements using our order configurator: An additional hard disk is required for the server? No problem! This hard disk should complement the one that is equipped by default and should run in a RAID-array including a hardware RAID-controller? One more click and this configuration is saved as well.

These and many other options are now available at an even lower price than before. Besides the possibility to choose the server upgrades during the order process of a new server, all of these improvements are of course also available for existing customers and already installed servers: A short email to support@contabo.com is sufficient and our support team will guide you through all further steps!

Listed below, you can find the upgrades we reduced the prices for:

  • + 400 GB hard disk: Now only 6.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • + 1000 GB hard disk: Now only 7.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • + 2000 GB hard disk: Now only 9.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • + 3000 GB hard disk: Now only 12.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • + Intel X25-M (Postville)-SSD 80 GB: Now only 11.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • + 256 GB SSD (Samsung 830): Now only 19.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • 1 Gbit/s-Port: Now only 39.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • Hardware-RAID 1: Now only 12.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • 100 Mbit/s bandwidth (24/7 guaranteed): Now only 79.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • KVM over IP: Now Now only 29.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • Backup space (available sizes: 50 - 250 - 500 - 1000 GB): Now only 3.99 - 11.99 - 19.99 - 31.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!

Beside that, we offer ready-to-use hard disk packages from now on which are most interesting especially for hosting resellers.
Each package consists of four hard disks of the same size and a hardware RAID-controller which can be configured in a RAID 5 or RAID 10 array according to your requirements.

Especially applications causing concurrent I/O-operations can take advantage of these packages: The hard disks are providing outstanding I/O-performance due to their RAID-configuration and are therefore providing a remarkably good read- and writespeed.
The usage of such compilations results in an enormous performance increase that should not be missed especially on servers that are used for virtualization projects.

And for those who consider this solution as not sufficient yet, we are now offering BBUs (battery units) which can be installed into the RAID-controller. Choosing this upgrade, you can enable the write-cache function on the RAID-controller to achieve an even better I/O-performance.

Listed below, you can find an overview of our speed-optimized hard disk packages:

  • 4 x 1 TB HDD 24/7, RAID 10 or 5: Only 54.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • 4 x 2 TB HDD 24/7, RAID 10 or 5: Only 69.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • 4 x 3 TB HDD 24/7, RAID 10 or 5: Only 84.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!
  • BBU to enable write-cache: Only 29.99 EUR / month. No setup fee!

Our support-team will gladly assist you if you have any requests regarding server upgrades or any other product!


6-Core Server with 24 GB RAM now only 149 EUR / month!

We have cut the monthly fee for our best server "Dedicated Server 6-Core" from 199 € / month to only 149 € / month. Our flagship server comes with a Intel 6-Core processor, with 24 GB RAM, with a 80 GB Intel SSD and an additional 2 TB HDD.

>> Get it now! <<

Furthermore, we have removed the setup fee for installing a Software-RAID 1. Thus, you're able to order your server with harddisk mirroring done by a Software-RAID without paying additional fees for it from now on.