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Realtime server status: Contabo-Status.com

Contabo Server Status

We are working continously hard to improve the infrastructure of our data center although it is already very reliable. Furthermore, we have a lot of control mechanisms which are detecting problems even before they might have an effect at all.
However, despite these security mechanisms we can not entirely eliminate the risk of short temporary interferences. A data center with an availability of 100,00 % within a timeframe of several years simply doesn't exist.

Therefore, we have just released our new website http://www.contabo-status.com. On this new website we will inform you about interruptions in our data center in realtime. Following this website would ensure that you will get informed und updated in case there is any kind of general issue which also might have an effect on your server.

Even though you probably won't need this website very soon - hopefully never - we recommend you to bookmark http://www.contabo-status.com right away. In case of doubt you will then be informed about the current status and progress with regard to your server without a delay.


♡ ★ ♡ Managed Server Upgrade ♡ ★ ♡

Managed Server Upgrade

Behind of today's door hides a special surprise: Turn your root server into a managed server.

"Managed Server Upgrade" worth € 99.99.             1 month for free for every Dedicated Server ordered.


The following support activities are included in the offer:

- Our technical support takes care of the security, updates and the stability of the server system
- Extended customer support
- System and hardware optimization
- Software installation and configuration
- Implementing security patches
- Kernel upgrades
- Emergency problem resolution
- Ongoing OS and control panel updates
- Setting up a backup routine

If you would like to keep on using the upgrade after the free month please don't hesitate to contact our support team (customer support).