Learn the basics and more advanced techniques with our useful tutorials. Based on instructions, solutions and practical examples our tutorials should bring you closer step by step to certain operations and functions. All our tutorials are written by our expert technicians.

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1. Webspace

1.1. Rewrite rules with htaccess

2. Server & Virtual Private Server (VPS)

2.1. System Rescue CD: First Steps
2.2. Process Controlling with Supervisor
2.3. Adding IPv6 connectivity to your server
2.4. LAMP made easy
2.5. cPanel/WHM: Best practices
2.6. Linux (Debian/ Ubuntu): Backup
2.7. Mounting of additional hard drives in Windows
2.8. Mounting of additional hard drives in Linux
2.9. Creating static routes
2.10. Configuring additional IP addresses
2.11. What to do if your server is not reachable anymore
2.12. How to use the Contabo Backup-Space
2.13. How to check the health of your hard drive with smartmontools (in Linux)
2.14. How to use VNC to connect to your VPS
2.15. How to change the display language on Windows Server 2008 R2
2.16. How to change the display language on Windows Server 2012 R2
2.17. How to perform a file system check
2.18. Data transfer with WinSCP
2.19. Integration of the WebDAV feature of Webspace packages
2.20. How to reset root/Administrator password in Linux/Windows
2.21. Edit Windows Updates in Windows 2008
2.22. Edit Windows Updates in Windows 2012
2.23. Snapshot feature for the new VPS SSD
2.24. Satellite feed: Setting it up on your Windows Dedicated Server
2.25. How can I prevent my e-mails getting marked as spam?
2.26. Changing the partition layout of your VPS after installation
2.27. DomainKeys and DKIM in Plesk and cPanel
2.28. Comparison of the different Linux distributions available at Contabo
2.29. Full Monitoring
2.30. Upgrading Plesk from 12.5 to Onyx
2.31. Data loss and how to avoid it
2.32. Let's Encrypt!
2.33. Manage Windows Updates in Windows 2016
2.34. Advantages of ZFS
2.35. Changing the Windows Administrator password - The easy way
2.36. Installing Windows Hyper-V 2016 on a dedicated server
2.37. Using your nameservers in cPanel and Plesk
2.38. The SSL certificate
2.39. Plesk Onyx basics: The first steps
2.40. Analysing log files in Windows and Linux
2.41. Overview of available RAID levels


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